Poor Congressman Paul Tonko from Amsterdam! (D-NY21)  He thought he could just sit back and relax his first term in office.

Then along came those pesky town hall meetings and those darn phlab tea party protesters who had the nerve to ask questions!

Mr. Tonko thought perhaps he could get by with just a town hall by phone.

Cue the buzzer!  Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzit!

Not with WGY‘s Al Roney twisting his arm every day.

No, Tonko was going to have to hold a real town hall meeting.  To make matters worse he would have to give more than 24 hours notice so people might actually show up to the thing.  Imagine that!

And show up they did!  IN DROVES!

Poor Town Hall Tonko could hardly get ten words in edgewise.  In other words he got spanked.

His predecessor never had to work that hard.  Mike McNulty was best known for being the most unknown in Congress.

{{w|Michael R. McNulty}}, member of the United...
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He did that because he could get away with it.  After all, he was a democrat in a dark blue district in the heart of ultra blue New York State!

McNulty and now Tonko’s district includes The City of Albany.  A city so democratic it’s considered to be the unofficial sixth Borough of New York City.  Even though Albany is 150 miles up the river from the rest of NYC it’s still considered to be a part of it as it is the state capitol.

In fact it might be easier to find a white man living in a remote part of China than to find a Republican living in the city of Albany NY!

(At this point I was going to say “It’s easier to find a black man in China than find a Republican in Albany,” but someone might accuse me of being a racist.  Although for the record, my wife and I spent two weeks in China and we only saw one person of color while we were there-but I digress.)

With all the publicity around the special election between Jim Tedisco and Scott Murphy you might think Murphy’s district covers the entire Capital District of New York.  That would be wrong.  It only covers half of it.

The other half is Paul Tonko’s district which includes the City of Albany.  And sad to say this is the district I live in.

But don’t feel sorry for me, fellow conservatives, all is not lost.  In my lifetime I’ve seen a man walk on the moon.  I’ve seen a man from Poland become the pope.  And I’ve seen the iron curtain fall.  Who knows, Lord willing,  I just might live long enough to see a Republican win in New York’s 21st Congressional District!

Hey!  I’m a Christian!  We believe in miracles!

Besides with the way BAMA is messing things up 2010 or perhaps 2012 could be the year for miracles!  SHOUT AMEN SOMEBODY!

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Millions of us will gather in places of worship of all shapes and sizes this weekend without fear of persecution.  We go where ever and when ever we want.

That’s not case for millions more around the world.  They face the possibility of raids, harassment, imprisonment, torture, and death.  All for the chance to gather with other believers and worship Our Lord Jesus and hear the preaching of His Word.

Take for example Shouwang Church in Beijing China,


“China Aid learned the Chinese government recently issued a secret directive calling the government agencies to dismantle at least six major house churches before the end of August. ChinaAid believes these actions have been taken in preparation for the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the CPC’s rule in China. Reliable sources told ChinaAid that the Beijing Huajie Plaza received an order from the PSB to terminate its rental contract with the Beijing Shouwang house church. One of the largest house churches in the area, Beijing Shouwang Church has been renting two floors for their worship and Sunday school services in Huajie Plaza for a few years. The church has over 1,000 church members, and most of them are intellectuals from universities. This is the most recent action against Beijing Shouwang Church since government officials forcibly shut down their church website on April 13, 2009, and raided the church on May 11, 2008.”

Of course I never will  understand why governments have a problem with a religion that encourages it’s followers to obey the law, be productive, and be a peaceful citizen.  But we know it’s the enemy clouding their thinking.

As believers in a free country what can we do?

Here’s what I will do.

China Aid urges Christians around the world to speak out on behalf of these believers, to urge that their freedoms not be thwarted.

Contact the Chinese Embassy with your concerns;

Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong
3505 International Place, NW, Washington, D.C. 20008
Tel: (202) 495-2000
Fax: (202) 588-9760″

Photo from shchurch.com: Over 1,000 believers worship at Beijing Shouwang Church every week.
Don’t forget to thank God for your freedom this weekend and pray for those in China and elsewhere.
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Consider the man,  Phillip Garrido.

This is what child pornography, and no nude child modeling looks like unmasked.  It is the face of pure evil.

He’s how CNN covered the story,


An 11-year-old California girl snatched from the street in front of her house in 1991 had two children with the man accused of taking her and was forced along with the children to live in backyard sheds, police said Thursday.

“From what they have both said, he fathered both of those children with Jaycee [Dugard],” El Dorado County Undersheriff Fred Kollar told reporters.

The girls, now 11 and 15, had been living with their mother, now 29, in a series of sheds behind Phillip Garrido’s house in Antioch, California, until they were discovered on Wednesday, Kollar said.

And here’s what Claudia Cowan of FNC had to say about it . . .


To think this poor girl had her first child when she was just 14 makes my skin crawl. To think of that man delivering the babies himself makes my skin crawl. To think she and her children were kept in sheds with sound proofed walls and only opening from the outside makes my skin crawl.

So what should be done with this monster once he is found guilty by a jury?  I’d say life without parole is a good start.

Our Constitution forbids what really needs to be done but perhaps a nice firing squad is in order.  Three bullets ought to do the trick.  One between the eyes, one to the chest, and the last one RIGHT BELOW THE BELT!

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Recently I declared that most of the politicians who who work at the New York State level are the enemy. That’s because these people put their own interests far above those of the people who elected them to their office.

In a recent poll done by Siena college 54% of New Yorkers polled feel the same way.

Here’s the story from The Rochester D & C


“Fifty-four percent of voters believe New York political leaders have less integrity and work ethic than politicians had decades ago.

(They) also said they are “completely frustrated with our government and wish we could throw them all out and elect new leaders.”

There you have it folks.  A majority of New Yorkers wish they could just fire every one and start over again.

So what now?  In most elections less than 54% of registered voters even bother showing up to the polls.  So are these people fed up enough to get off their backsides and do something about it?

And here’s another thought.  Might a large enough group of these people consider an alternative party?

After all New York’s in a big financial mess right now. And as far as allot of people are concerned we believe that both parties are to blame.  So that leaves the alternatives.

This is their big chance to make a mark in New York State. For those on the right there’s the Conservative Party, Bob Barr’s Libertarian Party, and the infamous Constitution Party of Chuck Baldwin fame.  I say infamous because Homeland Security people believe anyone who voted for Chuck Baldwin might be a domestic terrorist.

OK so 54% of New York doesn’t agree with me personally, but we all agree New York government in Albany needs a serious makeover!

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It’s reading more and more like a plot from the TV series “Law and Order.”  When newly reinstated Schenectady School board member Linda Bellick gave her acceptance speech Wednesday night she had to be silenced for saying too much.

From Thursday’s Times Union


Bellick, who was attempting to correct what she feels is unfair media coverage about herself and the school district, at one point began to discuss Raucci, who has been indicted on charges of arson and terrorism for placing explosive devices on cars and at the homes of his perceived enemies.

Bellick went on to say the internal report, which the board initially said would be released, is now secret because attorneys found there is personal information contained in the interviews. When Bellick began to say the sentence “We know no one who was interviewed,” school attorney Shari Greenleaf made a noise from the audience, followed by board President Maxine Brisport telling Bellick she couldn’t continue to read from that part of her speech.”

Dong Dong!  Cue the music from “Law and Order!

When did the school district know they had just put a known terrorist and union hitman into a  district wide position?

The plot thickens!

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Seems we Christians tend to be way too introspective

In a recent article on Crosswalk dot Com,


Dr. James Emery White a professor at a well known seminary  feared Christian bloggers were getting too caught up in the “argument culture,” as he put it.

He gave as an example someone who went on a one man vendetta against his old church and former pastor

“I recently read of a large church that made the news due to a problem with a persistently caustic blogger.  A former member, he had become disgruntled over various actions of the senior pastor, and became further incensed that said pastor maintained the backing of the leadership.  With nowhere to go with his animus, and no means to lobby for his cause, he started an anonymous blog in order to wage a one-person campaign of bitterness.  It quickly disintegrated on both side to such a degree that the church complained to the police, who investigated and discovered the identity of the blogger, and now suits and countersuits are flying freely.

What a God-forsaken mess.

But the article had links, which led to other links, and before I knew it, I found myself exposed in a way I had never imagined possible to the sordid world of the bitter-blog, meaning blogs that exist for no other reason than to attack a particular Christian leader, church, or ministry.  I found that virtually ever senior pastor of a megachurch has one, intent on causing dissension and disunity and as much disaffection as possible.”

Here’s my humble take . . .

Dude, relax, one nut job does not a trend make.

If you want to see off the wall blogging how about the Chicago blogger and internet radio host who called for the assassination of several judges he disagreed with.

Now that’s what I call a bitter blogger!  The guy even showed where the judges worked and how to get past building security.

Yes pastors may need to be more vigilant about slander on the internet but to say Christians have become as argumentative and adversarial as secular bloggers is quite an overstatement.

A little passion is a good thing as long as we do it in love.  After all sometimes family fights get intense, but it’s all good.

Wednesday  Aug 26, 2009

Last night’s Town Hall Meeting on Health Care Reform with Congressman Paul Tonko in Delmar was all the buzz on the morning talk shows.

Someone who spoke last night called “Daybreak with Steve and Jackie” on WROW.

He said CODE PINK was there last night accosting everyone who spoke out against the Obama Health plan the second they stepped off the podium.

CODE PINK!  Why are these people backing BAMA’s  plan on health care?  Haven’t they realized he lied to them all back when he promised all the peaceniks he’d end the war?  If Obama was lying back then, what makes them believe he’s telling the truth now about his health plan?

What the flaming fruitcake people!

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