O.D.S. & C.O.P.

August 8, 2009

There are two things we conservatives are often accused of,

ODS and COP.

“O.D.S.” or “Obama Deranged Syndrome” is the inability to say anything nice about our sitting president.  To this I say,

“When he does something right we’ll be the first to give credit where credit is due.”

So far all we see is a glorfied neighborhood organizer bent on running this country into the ground!

Next there’s, what you might call,  “C.O. P.” or “Crushing On Palin.”

Again, guilty as charged.  No contest.

Hey!   There’s nothing wrong with fawning over a true leader who honestly puts her family first even when it might be political suicide.

Besides, if some of us really are “Crushing on Palin,” what on earth do we call what the left’s been doing with “Dear Leader” Comrade Ayatollah Obama?

-Just sayin


2 Responses to “O.D.S. & C.O.P.”

  1. Jeffery St. Louis Says:

    But Obama must be doing some things right to outrage so many conservatives simultaneously.

    Obama has four primary charges from the electorate:

    1. Fix our national healthcare mess. The US spends double per person what other industrialized nations spend and our healthcare system is not as good as theirs. The current bill, while not very good, is a start. Eventually the US will have single-payer health care similar to Medicare for all. It’s inevitable. The violent 20% minority cannot stop this. In the long term, this system will contribute greatly to stabilizing our budget.

    2. Fix our broken system of taxation. Starting with Reagan the government has continually pushed the cost of doing business onto the American working classes. America cannot exist without an energetic middle class. These people need tax relief and the only way to accomplish this is by shifting the tax burden back to wealthier Americans. Is this socialistic? Is this redistribution of wealth? Yes and yes, but the nation’s well-being depends on it.

    3. Start to ameliorate the effects of atmospheric carbon dioxide. OVer the past several decades industrialized countries have pumped CO2 into the atmosphere at an alarming rate resulting in an atmospheric concentration increase from 280 ppm to 385 ppm with no end it sight. This has resulted in an average global temperature increase of 0.6 degree C (about 1 degree F). Climate scientists now estimate an average increase of up to 6 C by the year 2100 if we continue unchanged.

    4. Institute firm but cooperative foreign policy.

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