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August 17, 2009

We have two papers that cover the entire Albany, Schenectady, Troy, region, The Daily Gazette and The Albany Times Union.  Both papers appeared at the opening of Congressman Paul Tonko‘s Schenectady office.

Here’s how the Daily Gazette covered it . . .

“Office Opening Turns Into Impromptu Debate

More than two dozen residents greeted Congressman Paul Tonko with pointed questions about health care Monday when he opened his new office at City Hall.

The crowd appeared split, with slightly more than half in favor of a public health care plan and the rest vehemently opposed to it. Tonko, D-Amsterdam, had planned to simply hold an open house Monday, but he turned it into an hour-long debate over health care instead, taking questions from the crowd and often debating with them…”


Now here’s how the Times Union covered the same event.

“Health plan protesters absent at Tonko open house

We wondered if the protesters recently crashing Senator and House member town hall-style meetings, people who are against President Obama’s health care proposal, would descend on 21st Rep. Democrat Paul Tonko’s open house today held at his new office in Schenectady City Hall.

There were groups there pushing Obama’s plan, but there appeared to be no angry people in the bunch. Well, at least not angry at Tonko.”


Were they really in the same room?  No mention of any debate in the TU article. Also notice they also give town hall protesters a cheap shot!   Looks to me like the bias in the local media is bordering on schizophrenia!

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