I’ve got my eye on YOU!

August 19, 2009

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When I began this blog, one of my biggest goals was for it to be about prayer. Let’s face it bloggers ranting about how messed up the world has become are a penny a dozen.  But what if instead of just complaining about things we tried to do something about it.  They say prayer changes things and if nothing else prayer offers a fresh perspective.

There are five ways to get on my prayer list.  The first way is the traditional way.  If someone is in authority they’re on this list.  That’s everyone from the world and national stage all the way down to the local zoning board.

The second way is for someone who is trying to do the right thing.  For example there’s Schenectady mayor Brian Stratton who’s trying to get rid of a den of iniquity adult bookstore in the city.

Or there’s Schenectady school board VP Diane Herrmann being the only no vote in a very shady move by the school board.  More about that later.

And let’s not forget our men and women in uniform all around the world putting themselves in harms way for our sakes.

The third way is someone in Christian service, like missionaries serving The Lord in a troubled nation like Honduras.  Or there’s the christian rock band “Mercy Me”, whose tour bus was recently involved a a fatal crash.

The fourth way is a celebrity who’s fallen on hard times.  For example there’s former congressman John Sweeney facing his second DWI charge in less than two years.  Perhaps God is trying to get his attention.

The fifth way is to be an enemy.  This is someone who clearly is not serving the public interest they’re an enemy!  There are a whole lot of people at The New York State level on this list!

But to be honest it’s also anyone who’s just really ticked me off.  And this is where I can try to offer a fresh perspective.  People say there’s allot of hate speech going around.  Well how about some LOVE speech?  Can we be angry about something but still try to be kind and civil about it?  Can we still pray for the people involved?

Case in point, is the ever loving Schenectady school board.  They recently filed a vacancy by appointing someone from their “good ole boys” club.  The only no vote came from the newest member Diane Herrmann.

(Super-kudos to her)

I’m not ready to call the school board “The Enemy” just yet.  After all the person who was next in line based on the last school board election conceded that the person they picked was the best choice.  Still things are a bit shady and we at the “Soapbox” are keeping the school board on a short leash.

Schenectady School Board!  I’ve got my eye on you!

And yes, I’ll be praying for all of you every step of the way.

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