Ballistic Blogger Slanders Former Pastor and Why It’s NO Big Deal

August 27, 2009

Seems we Christians tend to be way too introspective

In a recent article on Crosswalk dot Com,

Dr. James Emery White a professor at a well known seminary  feared Christian bloggers were getting too caught up in the “argument culture,” as he put it.

He gave as an example someone who went on a one man vendetta against his old church and former pastor

“I recently read of a large church that made the news due to a problem with a persistently caustic blogger.  A former member, he had become disgruntled over various actions of the senior pastor, and became further incensed that said pastor maintained the backing of the leadership.  With nowhere to go with his animus, and no means to lobby for his cause, he started an anonymous blog in order to wage a one-person campaign of bitterness.  It quickly disintegrated on both side to such a degree that the church complained to the police, who investigated and discovered the identity of the blogger, and now suits and countersuits are flying freely.

What a God-forsaken mess.

But the article had links, which led to other links, and before I knew it, I found myself exposed in a way I had never imagined possible to the sordid world of the bitter-blog, meaning blogs that exist for no other reason than to attack a particular Christian leader, church, or ministry.  I found that virtually ever senior pastor of a megachurch has one, intent on causing dissension and disunity and as much disaffection as possible.”

Here’s my humble take . . .

Dude, relax, one nut job does not a trend make.

If you want to see off the wall blogging how about the Chicago blogger and internet radio host who called for the assassination of several judges he disagreed with.

Now that’s what I call a bitter blogger!  The guy even showed where the judges worked and how to get past building security.

Yes pastors may need to be more vigilant about slander on the internet but to say Christians have become as argumentative and adversarial as secular bloggers is quite an overstatement.

A little passion is a good thing as long as we do it in love.  After all sometimes family fights get intense, but it’s all good.


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