54% Of New Yorkers Agree With Me

August 28, 2009

Recently I declared that most of the politicians who who work at the New York State level are the enemy. That’s because these people put their own interests far above those of the people who elected them to their office.

In a recent poll done by Siena college 54% of New Yorkers polled feel the same way.

Here’s the story from The Rochester D & C


“Fifty-four percent of voters believe New York political leaders have less integrity and work ethic than politicians had decades ago.

(They) also said they are “completely frustrated with our government and wish we could throw them all out and elect new leaders.”

There you have it folks.  A majority of New Yorkers wish they could just fire every one and start over again.

So what now?  In most elections less than 54% of registered voters even bother showing up to the polls.  So are these people fed up enough to get off their backsides and do something about it?

And here’s another thought.  Might a large enough group of these people consider an alternative party?

After all New York’s in a big financial mess right now. And as far as allot of people are concerned we believe that both parties are to blame.  So that leaves the alternatives.

This is their big chance to make a mark in New York State. For those on the right there’s the Conservative Party, Bob Barr’s Libertarian Party, and the infamous Constitution Party of Chuck Baldwin fame.  I say infamous because Homeland Security people believe anyone who voted for Chuck Baldwin might be a domestic terrorist.

OK so 54% of New York doesn’t agree with me personally, but we all agree New York government in Albany needs a serious makeover!

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