Law and Order Schenectady Style

August 28, 2009

It’s reading more and more like a plot from the TV series “Law and Order.”  When newly reinstated Schenectady School board member Linda Bellick gave her acceptance speech Wednesday night she had to be silenced for saying too much.

From Thursday’s Times Union

Bellick, who was attempting to correct what she feels is unfair media coverage about herself and the school district, at one point began to discuss Raucci, who has been indicted on charges of arson and terrorism for placing explosive devices on cars and at the homes of his perceived enemies.

Bellick went on to say the internal report, which the board initially said would be released, is now secret because attorneys found there is personal information contained in the interviews. When Bellick began to say the sentence “We know no one who was interviewed,” school attorney Shari Greenleaf made a noise from the audience, followed by board President Maxine Brisport telling Bellick she couldn’t continue to read from that part of her speech.”

Dong Dong!  Cue the music from “Law and Order!

When did the school district know they had just put a known terrorist and union hitman into a  district wide position?

The plot thickens!

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