Poor Town Hall Tonko and The Year For Miracles

August 30, 2009

Poor Congressman Paul Tonko from Amsterdam! (D-NY21)  He thought he could just sit back and relax his first term in office.

Then along came those pesky town hall meetings and those darn phlab tea party protesters who had the nerve to ask questions!

Mr. Tonko thought perhaps he could get by with just a town hall by phone.

Cue the buzzer!  Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzit!

Not with WGY‘s Al Roney twisting his arm every day.

No, Tonko was going to have to hold a real town hall meeting.  To make matters worse he would have to give more than 24 hours notice so people might actually show up to the thing.  Imagine that!

And show up they did!  IN DROVES!

Poor Town Hall Tonko could hardly get ten words in edgewise.  In other words he got spanked.

His predecessor never had to work that hard.  Mike McNulty was best known for being the most unknown in Congress.

{{w|Michael R. McNulty}}, member of the United...
Image via Wikipedia

He did that because he could get away with it.  After all, he was a democrat in a dark blue district in the heart of ultra blue New York State!

McNulty and now Tonko’s district includes The City of Albany.  A city so democratic it’s considered to be the unofficial sixth Borough of New York City.  Even though Albany is 150 miles up the river from the rest of NYC it’s still considered to be a part of it as it is the state capitol.

In fact it might be easier to find a white man living in a remote part of China than to find a Republican living in the city of Albany NY!

(At this point I was going to say “It’s easier to find a black man in China than find a Republican in Albany,” but someone might accuse me of being a racist.  Although for the record, my wife and I spent two weeks in China and we only saw one person of color while we were there-but I digress.)

With all the publicity around the special election between Jim Tedisco and Scott Murphy you might think Murphy’s district covers the entire Capital District of New York.  That would be wrong.  It only covers half of it.

The other half is Paul Tonko’s district which includes the City of Albany.  And sad to say this is the district I live in.

But don’t feel sorry for me, fellow conservatives, all is not lost.  In my lifetime I’ve seen a man walk on the moon.  I’ve seen a man from Poland become the pope.  And I’ve seen the iron curtain fall.  Who knows, Lord willing,  I just might live long enough to see a Republican win in New York’s 21st Congressional District!

Hey!  I’m a Christian!  We believe in miracles!

Besides with the way BAMA is messing things up 2010 or perhaps 2012 could be the year for miracles!  SHOUT AMEN SOMEBODY!

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