Where are the Good Guys?

September 3, 2009

Are there any good politicians left?

Is there any one out there trying to do the right thing?

After all I want this blog to be more than just talking about President Obama, the stealth Communist Muslim and anti-Christ enabler.  And it would be nice to talk about something besides  how  incompetent Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are,  or how everyone at The New York State level needs to be fired, or all the people  in Schenectady, who ought to be in jail.

We need to support those who we on our side  and not just keep on screaming about the nut jobs.

Take Congressman Peter King.  (R-NY)  He’s out trying to stop the stupidity that is the investigation by The Obama Administration into wrong doing by the CIA.


Hellllllllloooooo People.  We are still at war in case you’ve forgotten.

Peter King is also the only politician out there giving everyone a reality check on Michael Jackson.


Again hellllllloooooo.  Yes Jackson may have been a great entertainer but he was a pedophile!  And the way he used to talk at interviews was VERY CREEPY.  It made my skin crawl just to hear him.

Anyone like Peter King who’s getting in the way of what dear leader Obama wants, or who’s saying what needs to be said about Jacko even if no one else in office has the courage to say it, is  going to have a target on their  back.

That’s why Peter King  deserves our support as one of the good guys.

Way to go Congressman King!

{{w|Peter T. King}}, member of the United Stat...
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2 Responses to “Where are the Good Guys?”

  1. Geir (Gerhardt) Smith Says:

    Bus to Orly Taitz’ 9/8 – 8 AM Santa Ana, Calif, court hearing on Obama’ fraud, lies and tricking
    Be there in force and protest Obama. Yell it like town hall.
    Obama’s the Antichrist and this the Revelation and Apocalypse.
    He frauded his ID to get the Potus post.
    By lies he got the nuke bomb at his beck and call.
    Nukes’re a grave matter he can blow up the planet in 1 second. High Treason.
    FBI arrest him: try him; send him to Death Row. Life-prison for doing Treason to world’s highest post: Potus.

  2. larryk12309 Says:

    Whoa! Easy Geir!

    We can confront Obama and Congress in many ways without resorting to hate speech.

    1) WE CAN PRAY for the president and our reps in congress.

    2) WE CAN WRITE the White House and our Congressman. We can politly
    thank them for their service and remind them it’s us they are working
    for. We can let them all know how we feel about the direction the
    country is heading and how we’re counting on them to turn things around.

    3) WE CAN ORGANIZE In Town Halls, In Tea Parties and at events like the 9/12 project.

    4) WE CAN VOTE In 2010 and 2012 FOR the people who will look out for us and VOTE OUT those who won’t.

    Glad you’re going to a Town Hall though! Great Job!

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