Oh No! I’ve Been Brainwashed!

September 6, 2009

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar
Image via Wikipedia

It wrong to feel this way.

But it’s alright because I know where it’s coming from

Michelle Duggar is pregnant with her 19th child. Deep down I know  this is an awesome thing, but inside it just creeps me out.

It’s a sign.  The liberals sucked out my mind.

I’ve been brainwashed!

Just like when I see pictures from a national home schoolers convention.  All I see is a room full of white people who all look allot alike.  That creeps me out.

If it were a room full of Asians or Black people, I wouldn’t have a problem.  But all white people?  Clearly I have “White Guilt!”

It’s a sure sign of brainwashing.  It’s too much network news, NPR and CNN International.

First of all people like the Duggars, who stand on God‘s word alone, who get together with like minded people, share their belongings and work together is an awesome thing.

And as for White Guilt or any form of racism it’s unbiblical as well as very unscientific.  The bible shows we are all from Adam and Eve‘s race and genetic studies prove we all came from the same  male ancestor and the same female ancestor.  Not quite Adam of Eve but MIGHTY CLOSE!

The point is we are all one race, no ifs,  ands or white guilt about it!

THERE!  That’s the ticket!

Thanks for reading this everyone.

I feel better already!   🙂

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