My Time With the Communists

September 7, 2009

Yes, it’s true. I used to hang with Communists.

But don’t stone me just yet.

If only we had found WMD’s in Iraq.

If only we had found OBL right away.

If only . . .

But no.

And the more the war in Iraq dragged on the more I wondered just why we were there.

Then to hear how we may have been duped in the run up to the war, the angrier I became. If we had just focused on Afghanistan and worried about Iraq later, (if ever) BUT NO.

So I exercised my freedom of speech and started going to peace vigils.

PUT DOWN THAT ROCK, I see you. 😉

There was no one on the Evangelical or conservative side calling for anti- war demonstrations. The only conservatives saying anything along those lines were the conservatives in the far right alternative parties demanding Bush be impeached. But no peace marches.

But there I was, a token “Jesus Freak” out there with my sign that said,

“Support The Troops, Bring Them Home Now!”

The peaceniks welcomed me with open arms. They started inviting me to all kinds of things. And I wondered just what in the world had I gotten myself into.

(“Happy, I don’t think we’re in Schenectady anymore”)

The last straw was the most telling. They invited me to “Workers Rights” Day. That sounds allot like “Workers of the World Unite!” doesn’t it? And sure enough WRD is on May 1st.

May Day!

May Day is celebrated in Havana and Beijing. It’s the birthday of Communism, the start of atheist religious tyranny in Russia.

They say politics makes strange bedfellows. But when it comes to hanging out with God hating communists and anarchist woman that brag how they can pee outside standing up, (Long story-you don’t want to know) that’s where I draw the line!

I still don’t understand why our country is so polarized, but I guess that’s just the way the American pie crumbles. In retrospect I believe George W. Bush and company saw what a big threat Islamic Fundamentalism was becoming and they felt after 9-11 the best thing to do was to get boots on the ground in Iraq, ASAP, no matter what the cost. Even if that meant stretching the truth or even telling lies to do it.

Who knows? If it hadn’t been for the economy going bad John McCain may have won instead of BAMA.

In the end I don’t regret my time with the commies because it taught me allot. Now I really see what the roots of the peace movement are. There were others saying it, but I just had to see it for myself.

If we are really polarized as a nation, I’ll chose the side for for freedom and democracy. There’s other ways to deal with my doubts.

Like praying, for one thing and blogging for another, AND knowing where to go for the right information helps too!

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