Keeping 9-11-01 Alive

September 11, 2009

World Trade Center aerial view March 2001
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That morning, Ill never forget the news ticker on my homepage.  When I saw

“Plane hits World Trade Center

Back in those days I worked the second shift.  My morning didn’t begin until after 8am.  Even so I was still the first one up, and as anyone with two children in the house under the age of three can tell you, it’s vital to be as quiet as possible.  So rather than watch TV I always surfed the web instead.

I thought like so many others that it was just a sight seeing plane bumping one of the many radio towers on top.  So I ignored it and went on to something else.

It wasn’t until I came back to my homepage later and saw the banner that changed everyone’s world forever.

“Second Plane hits World Trade Center”

Judging by how long that page took to load everyone else with the same home page must have done the same thing I did. But by the time it loaded I was already turning on the TV.

That’s when I saw the image burned into everyone’s mind.  There were the towers burning, a news person on the sidewalk and people everywhere screaming, “Oh my God, Oh my God!”

It was time to wake up my wife.  We had a small TV in our bedroom.  For some reason I saw a picture of the Pentagon and turned the channel.  After updating my wife I went back to the living room to watch TV there and pray.

Expecting my wife to join me instead she called out,

“Honey!  I know why they were showing the Pentagon!”

Thank goodness I was already on my knees.  As the events of the morning unfolded I continued to cry out to God.  When they announced they were closing the airspace above the USA due to more planes being unaccounted for my mind began to race.

Years ago I belonged to a church that I stopped going to after the pastor kept screaming too much about the coming tribulation and how we need to get ready now.

As it became clear how extensive this attack was I wondered if those crazy cult people were right after all.

In the days ahead our fears turned into a prayerful resolve that united us as a nation.  If only there was a way to bottle all the emotions of that fateful morning and rekindle that prayerful resolve once again.

Go to

The people there just may have found a way to keep the emotions and memories of 9-11-01 alive.

Don’t forget to pray for our troops keeping the war over there so we can worry and scream about health care and ACORN over here.

God bless America, In Jesus name.

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