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September 21, 2009

TROY, NY - SEPTEMBER 21:  New York Attorney Ge...
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Well as you can guess a presidential visit can cause quite a stir. It turns out the biggest reaction locally was getting to see Air Force One land and take off from Albany International Airport.

For those in and around South Troy NY there was the presidential motorcade going by to and from Hudson Valley Community College.

Fox News even mentioned the visit. Not about what the president said in his speech but about all the gossip over Governor Patterson running for reelection.

As for the speech itself, (what I could hear of it at work), Obama even mentioned my city of Schenectady in his speech.

(Oh my heart, flutter flutter)

But there’s no way of knowing if it was on the teleprompter or if he just added it on his own. 😉

The morning talk shows on Tuesday made fun of all the names of people and places the president mispronounced.  This in itself would be no big deal except for two things.

  1. The media never missed a chance to make President Bush look like an idiot when he mispronounced something.
  2. Obama always tries so hard to pronounce words like “Koran” for all his middle eastern buddies, why can’t he get a few names right?

Nevertheless it was still a big honor to have him here, mispronunciations and all.

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