Obama Deranged Syndrome

September 23, 2009

Eight years ago there were those in the media who said President Bush didn’t do enough to prevent the attacks of 9-11-01.  In response Bush called out the axis of evil, North Korea, Iran, and Iraq.

Fearing attack, Saddam threatened a massive retaliation using weapons of mass destruction should the USA invade his country.  Since he kept insisting he had WMD’s  we invaded Iraq.

As a result we rid the world of an evil dictator and removed a major destabilizing influence in the region.  Because of all the UN agreement violations Saddam committed we had every right to invade.

Eventually we brought down the insurgents and Iraq gained it’s freedom.  It’s now a democracy, inked fingers and all.

Meanwhile during the campaign Obama said we should have sent more troops to Afghanistan not Iraq.  He said the real fight was over there.

Well, Mr. President, now’s your chance to put your money where your mouth is.  You can give the generals in Afghanistan all the additional troops they need.

By doing this we’ll find out who really has Obama Deranged Syndrome and who on the right is willing to give you the credit you’d deserve.

However if you pull out of Afghanistan, wasting all our efforts there, it will cause a chain reaction all over The Middle East, especially in Pakistan.  Their relations with India are shaky already without having the Taliban next door.

By abandoning the Afghan people now would be a disaster.  It would give all of us (liberals, moderates, and conservatives) a huge reason for having Obama Deranged Syndrome.

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