Of Stonings and Wars

September 23, 2009

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There are those who claim the Bible is just as barbaric as the Koran. They site all the passages about massive killings ordered by God and how people could be stoned to death for breaking the sabbath, dishonoring their parents or for committing adultery.

What they fail to realize is these passages are designed for a civil government meant for a specific period in history.  Ancient Israel was a sign for all the nations around them.  When they followed the law they prospered and when they didn’t their enemies prospered.

Every part of The Law and The Prophets pointed to the coming Messiah (aka The Christ) who would fullfill the law and lead the whole world to the God of Abraham Issac and Jacob.

The bible is really a series of books written over a long period of time with a progressive unifying theme, the redemption of humanity and it’s reconciliation back to God.  We go from losing The tree of life in The Garden of Eden to it’s returning at the end of the book of Revelation.

This makes it far above all the other so called sacred books out there.  Just the fact that it has survived this long says something.  In spite of all the attempts to repress it throughout history it’s the most popular book of all time by far.

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2 Responses to “Of Stonings and Wars”

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    Similarly, Islam is not named after a tribe like “Judaism” after the tribe of Judah and “Hinduism” after the Hindus. The Arabic word “Islam” means the submission or surrender of one’s will to the will of the only true god worthy of worship, “Allah” (known as God “the Father” in Christianity).
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    “Whoever builds a Masjid, seeking Allah’s pleasure; Allah will build for him a similar place in Paradise.” (Al-Bukhari)
    “Do you know who will go first on the Day of Resurrection to the shade of Allah? Those who when given what is right accept it, when asked for something give freely and who judge in favour of others as they do for themselves.” (Tirmidhi)

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  2. larryk12309 Says:

    “Learn Quran online” almost got declined because it sounds like a spam posting. But to learn more about a book with such a great influence is a good thing.

    Meanwhile Christ is a title not a name. Our Lord’s name on the earth was Joshua Ben Joesph, not Christ. The Christ is the Anointed One who will bring (Brought) all the world’s people to Yahweh, The God of Abraham, Issac,and Jacob.

    For a comparison of Jesus and Muhammad check out http://www.wnd.com/index.php?pageId=57615

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