There Was Almost An Explosion

September 24, 2009

It was really close. But I thought my head would explode yesterday.

Rush Limbaugh kept mentioning the president’s speech yesterday at the U.N.. You know how he gets with his sound bytes. And he kept playing them over and over and over.

[picapp src=”1/8/b/8/Rush_Limbaugh_Gives_2df6.jpg?adImageId=4629387&imageId=1938250″ width=”500″ height=”374″ /]

And there’s the president talking about how the USA is to blame for all these evils in the world and all these crises like the melting ice caps.

(Hat Tip Gateway Pundit)


NYC is in lockdown mode over a major nationwide terror plot with 24 suspects still at large and you’re worried about the ice caps!

(Hat tip Atlas Shrugs)

But it gets better!

Obama had to scold Israel. Eeeeevil Israel, and those gosh darn West Bank settlements. Never mind the other side hasn’t done ONE THING in keeping with the Oslo accords waaaaaay back in the Clinton years.

I’m sure all the commie anti Semites over at the far far left media got a big kick out of the speech. You notice how you’ll never hear them mention how cowering Hamas and their using human shields to hide behind. They never mention how they place their missiles around areas where there are women and children. It’s all about evil Israel and how they’re oppressing Gaza!

And just when I thought I would run out of duck tape to wrap around my head so it wouldn’t blow up, someone mentioned Sarah Palin was giving her first speech overseas in Hong Kong.

“Oh!” “Really?”


(Hat tip Citizen Palin 4 President)

Jonathon Stone the chairman and CEO of CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets, speaks as former US vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin looks on during the 16th annual CLSA Investors' Forum in Hong Kong

Ah!  That’s better!

No exploding head alert!

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