The Real Way To Deal With Islam

September 28, 2009

Papua (Indonesian province)
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First of all, this in no way is meant to diminish the fine work our men and women are doing in containing the real threat of Islamic Fundamentalism. Around the world and clearly on our own shores there are those who organize into terror cells and seek to do as much damage as possible in the name of their demon god allah.

But even after we’ve broken up every possible network we can is there  still a way to win over hearts and minds?  Consider this story from the Muslim Nation of Indonesia.

A missionary named Buzz Maxey just spoke at our church.  He  serves The Lord over on a remote part of Papua Indonesia.  He told a story about a team from the Indonesian government coming to his island to extract the dead bodies from  a plane that had crashed in the area.

After they landed the whole area was socked in so badly by fog that everyone was stranded.  Someone asked Buzz if he could ask the tribal chief on the island to cast a witchcraft spell to lift the fog for everyone.

What they didn’t know since they couldn’t speak the local dialect and Missionary Buzz Maxey could, the local chief was no longer a pagan he was now a Christian.  So Buzz asked the chief if he could pray to Jesus about the weather.

Lo and behold the next morning the weather cleared and the men could accomplish their mission.  You could say it was a coincidence but it seems the weather never clears that fast in that part of the world.  All the government people on the trip wanted to thank the tribal chief for performing a miracle in the name of Jesus including the team leader who was a Muslim.

It seems everyone was impressed by a pagan tribe  who converted to Christianity on their own without compulsion and believed in Jesus strongly enough to change the weather.

The power of God changes hearts and minds without a single shot being fired!

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