We Need a Tea Party on Terror

September 29, 2009

Marine Memorial at the front gate of MCB Quantico
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It’s just a matter of time people.

We’ve had close calls in New York, in Dallas, Springfield IL. and even at the Quantico Marine base.-Hat tip Atlas Shrugs

We have the greatest military overseas and the best law enforcement team here at home, but it’s just a matter of time before something slips through the cracks.

The last thing we need now is a repeal of the patriot act.  Should that happen, thousands of lives would be in jeopardy.

So before it does we need to let Congress know we’re not letting that happen.  We need a tea party on terror.  Pelozi can call us all the names she wants.  Her days are already numbered.

We need an administration that understands what the jihadists are all about.

The people in Washington swore to defend our Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic.  So it’s time they fullfilled their sworn duty to defend us!

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