September 30, 2009

Trinity Broadcasting Network
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If it weren’t for the fact that their were no 1-800 numbers on the bottom of the screen you might have thought you were watching the Trinity Broadcasting Network instead of the Fox News ChannelGlenn Beck sounded just like a TV evangelist last night.  He even had The Battle Hymn of The Republic playing in the background.

It was quite a sermon to say the least.  It seems the biggest problem we in America face is, not believing in God anymore.  We kicked Him out of our schools and out of the public square.

He’s right. I agree.  But like so many evangelists before him he knew the problem but failed to mention the solution.

OK, to be fair, all the false prophets who infest TBN claim they know the answer.  Send them all your money and THEY will solve all the world’s problems.  (With God’s help of course)  Meanwhile you will get a check in the mail for a gazillion dollars from God for helping them.  But I digress.

The answer is not with them.  But a couple folks on there might mention it. (I hope)  You may or may not hear it at your local super megaplex church.  That’s because the answer is simple.

It’s an insurgency.  If God can’t get in through the front door He can get it from the back.

The answer is you and me.  All of us who are people of faith.  The answer is “Be a witness.”

I’m a witness.

God is not dead.  This is what He did for me.

We are not God’s lawyer.  We don’t argue and bash people over the head with a bible and with Jack Chick tracts, thank you very much.

Be a witness, at work,at home,with family and even the public square.

Our kids can be a witness too.  They have no fear of rejection.  Kids tell their friends what they’re into.

One likes Pokemon, another likes baseball, another likes “High School Musical.”  And another even tells their friends about their great Sunday School.

Even if they go to a public school.  It’s an insurgency!  God came back into the schools through the back door.

One tells his friend who tells her friend who tells her mom who tells her friend . . .

The insurgency is now a quiet revolution.  Jack Chick tracts optional.

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