A Trip Down Backsliding Raw Sewage Memory Lane

October 1, 2009

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If you have your own blog chances are you have your own dashboard feature. This gives you all sorts of handy statistics like your most popular posts, for example. It can also tell you what the most common searches were on your blog.

Anything to do with pornography appears on mine quite a bit. That’s quite understandable. Words like “naked modeling” always catch my eye as well. That’s why I use a web filter.

Never mind how pornography is clearly a sin for all peoples of faith.  Forget how it destroys families and ruins intimacy for thousands.  Fighting the Pornography industry should also be of major priority for the secular world as a human rights issue as well.

Most of the women who are sex workers were victims of abuse as childrenOrganized crime is heavily involved too.  These dirt bags have a wide assortment of tactics to lure children into viewing pornographic sites.  Worst of all,  it’s not enough to hook people on “regular pornography, they trick  their marks into viewing child pornography as well.  So this is a problem we all should be concerned about.

It time to cut these people off right between the legs.  Get a filter and get support if you need it.  Pray and find a church with a celebrate recovery group or something like it.

Think of all the endangered children and abused woman out there.  This isn’t just a faith issue it’s a human rights issue too.

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One Response to “A Trip Down Backsliding Raw Sewage Memory Lane”

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