Americans Are Racists

October 2, 2009

Let’s just admit the truth. The far left liberal fringe media is correct. We are all racists.

That’s why we conservatives disagree with President Obama so much. It’s because we’re racist.

It has nothing to do with health care reform. And how out of nowhere a 900 page bill appeared with so much material no one could read or understand it. That wasn’t the problem.

And we were not at all concerned about our president going on a whirlwind apology tour in front of our enemies. No one cared about Obama saying we weren’t really a Christian nation. That wasn’t the problem.

[picapp src=”9/3/1/f/World_Leaders_Gather_9fc9.jpg?adImageId=4630125&imageId=4435833″ width=”500″ height=”307″ /]

No one was upset about the president wanting to undo all the protective measures installed by the Bush administration. Even though for the first time it appears they really are working.

We really didn’t care about what Obama does to the CIA.  It doesn’t matter how that looks to our enemies.  We’re racists.

If we would just wake up and pray to Obama all would be well.  Or at least let our kids sing praises to him.

You see it’s not the fact that Obama is half African American that’s the problem.  Most Americans are so upset they forget how dark his skin is.

Our president is also half white.  He’s a stuck up white smug ivy league attitude graduate with a superiority complex.  That’s what angers people.

So go ahead and call us racist.  It’s the fact our president is too much like John Kerry and Jimmy Carter.  He’s a bumbling white liberal.

An earlier Senate portrait of Kerry
Image via Wikipedia

That’s the problem!

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2 Responses to “Americans Are Racists”

  1. The race card is growing nauseatingly tiresome. It serves as an excuse for all of BHO’s mistakes.

  2. […] even when it’s as off the wall as this. […]

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