A Moses For My City

October 5, 2009

Most of us know the story of how The Children of Israel were slaves in Egypt. They suffered and suffered and continued to cry out to God. At long last He sent them a leader, Moses.

My city of Schenectady could sure use a “Moses” right now.  The people in my city are slaves to an incompetent government.

We all know what’s going on at the federal level.  Things aren’t any better at the state and city levels either.  But at the school board level they’re at their worst.

Graduation levels have been just over 50%.  Last year several students committed suicide.  The police were called in several times to quell incidents of violence, during and after school hours.  One melee turned into a riot.  Then there’s the behavior of the school board members themselves.

But nothing could be as disturbing as the growing scandal over the school hiring a known terrorist and union hit man Steven Raucci.  What did the school board and the superintendent know and when did they know it?

Some were talking of the state completely taking over the school system.  That happened once in the state’s history.  Perhaps things aren’t that bad yet.

But as more stories come out about Raucci’s behavior, and as details from the latest probe are released, that may soon change.  But given New york state’s track record I’m not holding out much hope.

Some wonder why it took God so long to send Moses.  Was God waiting for Moses to be ready or was He waiting for the people to be ready?

God had to make sure the Israelites hated Egypt so much they’d be willing to do whatever it took to leave and never ever want to go back.

Are we willing to do what’s necessary to save our schools, our cities, and our county?  Maybe then God will send us the leaders we need.

-May God Bless America (and the world)

-In Jesus Name AMEN

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