My Kind of Radio Preacher

October 7, 2009

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With all due respect to those who are legitimately called to be on the radio and TV, media preachers are a dime a dozen here in the USA.

But what if they had their HQ in a place that hated Christians?  What if they were located in a Muslim country?  And what would happen if even here in America he was so controversial there were those fighting to get him off the air?  And he doesn’t even speak English!-(hat tip Bare Naked Islam)

Consider Father Zakariah Boutros he’s an Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Priest with his own radio show that’s heard around the world. All he does mostly is quote from the Koran to Muslims the truth about their religion.  He shows them all the contradictions and all the sick truths about who their prophet Muhammad really is.

Now Father B has become the most wanted man by the jihadists.

“The man has a 60 million dollar bounty on his head from the Islamic Countries, more than Osama Bin Laden.

Father Zakaria Botros has just been named World Magazine’s 2008 “Daniel of the Year,” something of a Christian equivalent to Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year.” Botros’ weekly episodes are watched by nearly 60 million Arabic-speakers, the vast majority of which are Muslim.”

Father Boutros, my kind of radio preacher!

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