Wake Up America!

October 9, 2009

How much will it take before Americans wake up and understand the threat of radical Islam? There is no halfway with this religion. Their sacred book makes it that way. You’re either a secular Muslim or a radical.

The Koran demands that all non Muslims and all non conforming Muslims convert by force or be put to death. There is no middle ground here.

This is why you never hear of Muslims condemning terrorist attacks like 9-11. They would risk being killed.

So what will it take to wake America up? What about the case of young Rifqa Bary?

[picapp src=”3/9/0/f/Fathima_Rifqa_2624.JPG?adImageId=4931728&imageId=6313237″ width=”500″ height=”825″ /]

She is a teen who after converting to Christianity feared for her life from her radical Muslim family.  Rifqa fled to Florida where she was taken in by a Christian family.

Now the courts have become involved with experts on both sides stating their case with this poor young girl caught in the middle.

Now it appears as though the parents may win. The court may decide on Tuesday to return Rifqa to her family.

If this happens what will become of her? Will her death be the wake up call for America?  Or will it be just another news story thrown amongst all the others!

May it not be, Lord!  Dear God.  May the court in Florida grant custody to the Christian family.  May this case finally shed light on our sleeping nation.

-In the name of Jesus, AMEN.

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