Who Needs Benny Hinn Anyway?

October 12, 2009

(DANGER! You are about to be exposed to the rantings of a crazed blogger enjoying a rare long weekend. Please have the number of your local fire dept. handy in case your computer lights on fire. You have been warned . -That is all.)

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Who needs the likes of (Possible false prophet) Benny Hinn anyway?  And come to think of it, what about Kenneth Copeland and (Mr. TBN) Paul and (Poofy hair) Jan Crouch?  Who needs them?

What if?

What if?

What if instead of people shelling out their hard earned money to people like that, they gave to their local church and their local missions committee?  What if they donated their money only to people who they knew were personally vetted by someone they knew and trusted?

Consider how (Forgive me if I seem to be on a mega-church kick as of late- it’s just the way I roll) the mega-church movement began around the same time as Jim (Mr PTL Club – I got my Rolls Royce on the roof of my mansion while I’m begging for money) Bakker, Jimmy (I have sinned against the Lord, crocodile tears) Swaggert, crashed and burned and Marion (God told me to stay out of politics back in in the 1960’s so I better cull that chapter out of my book even though I should have taken out the chapter where I twisted scripture to justify treating my wife like dirt) “Pat” Robertson had his ridiculous run for the presidency.

Allot of people finally got it.  They only gave their tithes and offerings to people they  knew and could be accountable to.

As a result local churches prospered and many were able to support a large number of local and international mission projects.  Most of these folks will never be a household name.  You’ll never see them on the one eyed electric plasma brain sucker at 3am begging for money and promising a big check in the mail from the Lord Himself.

(And for the record, God does bless when people give from the heart in love.)

But for some reason allot of folks seem to have forgotten that lesson and as a result we’ve got a whole new batch of false prophets ready for the furnace.  Perhaps part of why there’s a decline in church attendance is people see how lame and laughable these TV superstars are and it makes them sick.

Do we need a Christian preacher channel on 24/7?  Or do we need 24/7 prayer warriors like the kind the apostle Peter had when he got tossed in the slammer.  The brother has an angelic assisted jail break and crashes a prayer meeting at 3am!  That’s what I’m talking about!

How did Simon Peter know to show up at Mary, the mother of Mark’s house?  Because he knew they would be praying!  No TV, no internet or cell phones required.

We don’t need Hinn, Copeland and Crouch.  Just gimmie that classic, Book of Acts old time religion!

(You may now order your fire safety team to stand down from high alert)

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