Political Schizophrenia

October 22, 2009

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If anyone ever decides to follow this blog (Hey!  I can dream can’t I?) they’ll soon discover there’s three ways I role.

1) Mega-churches Rule!  (Religion)

2) Democrats and Wimpy Republicans are evil! (Politics)

3) Schenectady NY is cursed!  (Local Topics)

Today it’s a cross between two and three.

This is about as off, as an off year election cycle can get.  It’s not just all the focus on the mid terms next year. It’s that there really is not much going on this year.

There’s a special election going on in New York‘s 23rd congressional district but I’m in the 21st.  The biggest thing we have down here is the mayor‘s race in the city of Albany.  Since I’m in Schenectady that won’t effect me.

I get to look forward to the big race for county sheriff!

(Cue the crickets)

Well actually there is something notable here.  It seems so many Democrats control this area they even have control of the so called Conservative Party.

“It’s an alliance that has “a school board feel about it,” according to one Schenectady Republican who wishes not to be identified, referring to the local Board of Education that has been so much in the news.”-Hat Tip Carl Stock Daily Gazzette

(Don’t get me started on the school board!)

Of course it helps that Judy Dagostino, the mother of Democrat Party candidate for Sheriff Dominic Dogostino, is a Schenectady County legislator, a former Republican, now a Democrat allied with the state’s Conservative Party.

Meanwhile Dominic (No Surprise here) is also a Conservative allied with the Democrats.

But it gets better!

Democrats in New York, also get piggy backed by the Working Families Party.

Which means we have the Democrat for sheriff getting the Right Wing Conservative party nod as well as the Far Left Working Families Party.

Total Political Schizophrenia!!!

And totally a good reason to add Joe Lazzari, a registered independent allied with the Republicans to my opposition section.

Now somebody please shut those crickets up!!!

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