Windoze zzzzzzzzzz 7

October 23, 2009

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Oh wow! La dee flippin da!

A new operating system for Win doze.

Big Whoop!

As you can guess I’m not exactly what you would call a first adopter. In fact whatever the opposite of a first adopter is, that’s me.

Six months before Windows Vista came out we got our latest computer with Windows XP.  Just before the iPhone arrived we bought an iPod video. Right after the Play Station 3 came out we bought a PS2. (used)  And it wasn’t until cell phones were everywhere I finally bought one for myself.

Besides I hated to answer the phone at home so I refused to pay extra so I could carry one with me.  It took breaking down on the Interstate with the cold wind blowing to get me to finally break down and buy my own.

And as for running out to get Windows 7 there’s another catch.  The super high tech first adopter side of the family just had a major religious epiphany.

They fell in love with the iMac!

(Cue the choir )

And after shelling out big bucks to the geek squad people, the grass over at Steve Jobs land is looking a whole lot greener than over at Win doze land.

Believe me.

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One Response to “Windoze zzzzzzzzzz 7”

  1. Kim Says:

    I’ve been curious about Mac’s for a while but I fear I won’t know how to use it if I got one. Maybe some day.

    Oh and I’m happy to hear you broke down and got a cell phone. No pun intended. ha ha Seriously, they are handy in a pinch.

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