Outrage in Florida!!!

October 24, 2009

In yet another sign that the pandemic known as The Islamization of the West is now spreading like the swine flu here in The United States, an incompetent judge in Florida has ordered Muslim Apostate and runaway Rifqa Bary returned to her home state of Ohio.

[picapp src=”0/1/4/1/Fathima_Rifqa_6330.JPG?adImageId=6493232&imageId=6313236″ width=”234″ height=”158″ /]

Those in the know have said all along this my be a death sentence for this teenage girl.  There are those from her parents Noor Mosque who have committed to fulfilling an honor killing for the girl’s converting to Christianity.

Now is time for all people of faith pray for Rifqa’s safety and well being.  And to pray that those in the media with the most influence like, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, FNC, and Fox News Radio take up her cause and to really gather public support for her.

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3 Responses to “Outrage in Florida!!!”

  1. Judge Daniel Dawson is a dhimmi: he ordered Rifqa…

    Initially, this now decidedly pretentious judge said he would wait until legal documents were recieved on citizenship status. Now, apparently, none of this matters. He’s ordered her returned to Ohio, where she could end up facing a tragic death…

  2. Feralness Says:

    WTF! Disgusting, the Judge is a pollitically correct deluded idiot. Poor girl. What girl would want to be a muslim. 72 virgins for the martyr? So their God enslaves virgin girls in paradise? Where do i sign up???

  3. I’m in Ohio and I’ve heard nothing on what happened to this poor girl.

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