Another Lie From Hell

October 27, 2009

Here’s another political cartoon idea that’s based on one of the Star Wars movies.  It’s a scene from episode IV where Darth Vader has the star ship captain by the throat while he’s questioning him.  The captain denies having spies on board and that he’s on a diplomatic mission.  This is when Vader utters one of his more famous lines as he breaks the captain’s neck with only one hand.

“If this is a councilor ship, where is the ambassador?”

[picapp src=”0/9/7/1/fc.jpg?adImageId=6857410&imageId=1746970″ width=”500″ height=”346″ /]

Now picture the average taxpayer in your state as Darth Vader.  He’s holding by the neck the biggest proponent of casino gambling in the state.  And the question Vader is asking while breaking the lawmaker’s neck is . . .

“If gambling money goes for education, why are my school taxes so high?”




Legalized gambling has become the panacea and cure all for many a state’s financial woes.  At least that’s how they sell it to the public.  In the end it’s just another way for the greedy tax and spend politician to suck money out of the unsuspecting public, only in a much more malevolent fashion.  That’s because gambling preys on two vulnerable segments in our society, the elderly and the poor.

Lotto terminals can turn every corner market in every neighborhood into a gaming parlor.  Once lotto started in my state of New York the games starting multiplying right and left.  The greedy lawmakers saw the potential windfall and they were like a crazed alcoholic on a weekend binge.

First there was “Lotto,” played once a week.  That quickly became twice a week.

Then they added a muti state lottery caled “Mega Millions.”  That’s also twice a week.

If that’s not enough for you,  every day there’s also a mini lotto game.  It’s called “TAKE FIVE.”

Add to that the daily number and PICK FOUR.  Those are now played twice a day!

[picapp src=”9/3/1/d/Mega_Millions_Jackpot_ccea.jpg?adImageId=6861039&imageId=4776568″ width=”500″ height=”336″ /]

Our drunks are really on a bender now, and they’re just getting warmed up!  Somebody got into the good Scotch now!  (HICCUP!)

Not to be left out are the restaurants and bars.  We can’t leave them out, can we?  Of course not!  For them there’s KINO.  A new drawing for that comes every fifteen minutes.

But wait!  There’s more!

Now there’s talk of making KINO available at corner markets as well.

Have I mentioned instant scratch off games yet?  They were designed for stores that didn’t want to go through the trouble of setting up the electronic equipment for LOTTO.  We can’t leave them out, can we?  Of course now every store that wants to compete needs both the lottery games as well as the instant scratch off ones.

With all this gaming going on at the local Stewart’s (Our version of 7-11 and Circle K) and Cumberland Farms who needs needs casinos right?

Greedy drunk on money politicians that’s who!  First they were  just at  the Indian reservations.  Never mind all the back room dealing that went on so The Oneida Nation could open “Turning Stone.”

But once that took off the Seneca and the Mohawk tribes followed suit.  (Pun intended!)  And now there are several Indian run casinos throughout the state.

[picapp src=”7/2/4/1/Struggling_Casino_Industry_8482.jpg?adImageId=6861266&imageId=4716269″ width=”500″ height=”333″ /]

Which brings us to the race tracks!  AKA the “Racino’s”

More gambling, brings more poverty, more addictions AND STILL SCHOOL TAXES GO UP!!!

Not only that but school services continue to decline.  What used to be taken for granted, all of a sudden they a fund raiser for.  Things like school buses for a field trip.

“Say what?!”

Well now there are people in neighboring Massachusetts trying very hard to keep casinos out of their state.

From Capital News Nine

And from United to Stop Slots.

This site exposes all the lies people use to try and get casinos into their state.  The biggest lies are how all the benefits casinos bring  outweigh any potential problems.

How do you outweigh a statistic like the one claiming 72 children over a 14 month period were abandoned at one casino in the Midwest.

Never mind how violent crime always dramatically rises soon after a casino opens.

So here’s hoping and praying the people of Massachusetts succeed where many others have failed

And don’t forget to say hi to anti-casino crusader  Gladys Kravitz over at her site as well.

Meanwhile,  where’s my Darth Vader costume?

“Luke, I am your father,”



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