No Tech Dad

November 1, 2009

Several mobile phones
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A while back I mentioned my refusal at getting a cell phone until I was stuck on the interstate with a flat tire two screaming kids and a useless scissors type jack.  That’s when I decided getting a cell phone wasn’t such a dumb idea after all.

Once I got the knack for the thing, it didn’t take long to go all in.  Last year we cut our land line off completely.

Besides, it’s not just the phone, there’s all the features that come with it.  The things even got its own self setting clock and customizable alarm.

However, there is one catch to that.  One that most of you know already unless you’re a no tech dad like me.  The clock doesn’t reset to standard time right away unlike computers and cable boxes.  That’s why I’m up typing this instead of catching an extra hour sleep.  My phone woke me up too early because it didn’t reset the time until I rebooted it.

Oh well.  Maybe we’ll be on time to church for once!  😉

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One Response to “No Tech Dad”

  1. Kim Says:

    You are entitled to a one hour nap today 🙂

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