The View From Below the 23rd and Real Change

November 3, 2009

Fred on the issues

Schenectady NY where I live is about 100 miles to the south of the infamous NY-23rd Congressional district.  My TV market barely reaches it via cable and arrays that look like cell phone towers next to people’s houses.

But that’s enough to make it all the buzz around here.  In a way though it’s almost surreal with all the national attention this race is getting.  We’re talking about a part of New York that if it weren’t for the mountains to the south and the international boundary to the north you might think you were in Nebraska.  That’s how remote NY-23 is.

So to have Joe Biden show up to speak up for Democrat Bill Owens is a quite an oddity.  You just wouldn’t see that in a normal election year.  People don’t usually give a rip about how the vote is going in Plattsburg, Watertown and Massena.

From Capital News Nine

“It wasn’t a packed house, but that didn’t derail any enthusiasm. State Democratic leaders and the Vice President of the United States found their way to Watertown to rally around the democratic candidate Bill Owens.

Owens and Biden tackled subjects like Fort Drum, health care and the economy.”

Meanwhile Doug Hoffman is getting help from Fred Thompson.  He’s got an ad running on cable endorsing the conservative independent.

Then there’s country star John Rich.  He’s stumping for Doug Hoffman too.

also from CS9

“Country music star John Rich and Tennessee senator Fred Thompson are backing Hoffman in his race for the 23rd district congressional seat. Both men say they made the trip in the hours before Election Day because they believe Hoffman is the beginning of change for the country as a whole.”

However, everything else about this race is politics as usual.  The local media is blaming national celebrities like Rush Limbaugh for forcing GOP candidate Dede Scozzafava to pull out.

They’re making it sound like she was a victim.  It’s more like she was a victim of her own ignorance.  Scozzafava assumed people wouldn’t see her for what she really was, a shill for ACORN and Obama.”

Maybe John Rich and Fred Thompson are right.  Perhaps this is “The beginning of change for the country as a whole.”

Now that’s what I call REAL Change!

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One Response to “The View From Below the 23rd and Real Change”

  1. Kim Says:

    Ah …this is close enough for us to follow for sure. Imagine my surprise to find coverage of this on Fox News! Good TV viewing tonight 🙂

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