For Rifqa, Rachel,Paula

November 15, 2009

There’s an old saying,

“If you’re going to pray for rain, bring an umbrella.”

So with all these people holding a rally and praying for Muslim apostate and convert to Christianity Rifqa Bary,

(See details about the rally here)

it’s time to start believing  that there will be an eventual positive outcome from all these legal proceedings and she will be emancipated from her parents.

So with that in mind what should she do then?

[picapp src=”7/6/2/1/ReligTeenConvert_199d.JPG?adImageId=7485614&imageId=6799862″ width=”234″ height=”278″ /]

For starters Rifqa could change her name from a Muslim one to one that comes from the bible like Rachel or Paula.

I like Paula because after all this young lady has one of the most dramatic conversion stories since Saul the Pharisee had his vision on the road to Damascus.  So powerful was the impact of this vision that eventually Saul changed his name to Paul and became the great apostle to the Gentiles.  His influence may have shaped the very course of Western Civilization itself.

But once “Paula” is emancipated I pray that the Christian Media will give her some space.  Maybe she’ll return to Florida and vanish from the limelight for a while.  That would be the best thing I believe for “Paula”.

Give it a year or so.  Then she can appear on “Greta”  “Oprah” and yes, even the 700 club!

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One Response to “For Rifqa, Rachel,Paula”

  1. Media blackout on Rifqa Bary…

    Atlas Shrugs tells that there have been hearings on the Rifqa Bary case in Ohio without public knowledge…

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