At Last!!! Good News For the North Country!!!

November 21, 2009

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It’s always a pleasure to share some good news when there’s progress on a story I’ve been following. At long last the powers that be have pulled their heads out of the sand to do something significant regarding the closure of the Champlain bridge.

For a while it just seemed like everything was going downhill fast.  They said they were going to fix the old bridge.  Then it turned out those repairs would only be good for five years.  So they decided they’d have to replace the old bridge at a cost of 67 million and take two years to do it.  (Sorry no stimulus package for you) – from CS9

But now things are looking up on two fronts.  One, there’s going to be a new ferry service right near where the closed bridge is.  Construction of a new access road to the ferry dock will begin ASAP.

And front number two : Farms and businesses affected by the closure of the Lake Champlain Bridge will now be able to receive assistance from the state.

At Last!  Good News For the North Country!

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