How Stupid Are These People?

November 29, 2009

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Advocates for the poor had better get their heads out of the clouds.  More and more we see people not caring about what really works to get people out of poverty but only going with what perpetuates the need for their idiotic wasteful  bureaucracy.

The stupid pinheads at Hunger Action Network wants to see an almost $3 increase in the minimum wage.


That would put so many employers out of business and impact more directly the people they’re trying to help than if they just leave the minimum wage where it is.

So few people work at the bottom level anyway.  When the economy is going well there’s a labor shortage which automatically increases wages better and faster than any shortsighted law.

IMHO they should lower the minimum wage and watch how many jobs that creates.  But that just makes too much sense to do something that might really work to get people out of poverty.

But these Hunger Action people only know one mantra that repeats the same cycle of defeat.  Raise the minimum wage and make unemployment and poverty go up.

Job and life skill training is what people need.  More skills raises the demand for what they offer making their wages go up due to higher productivity.

Tell The Hunger Action Network to take a big drink of “Get The Heck Outta The Way” and let advocacy groups that really work people out of poverty do their job.

This is just another redistribution of wealth scenario to make us more like North Korea every day!

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