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December 8, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - JANUARY 08:  The Wal-Mart logo i...
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Wal-Mart’s been having a tough time in the area as of late. Two town planning boards shot down Wal-Mart from building a Super Center.

Now they’re getting some better luck in nearby North Adams Mass.

It reminds me of what they tried to do in Rotterdam NY several years ago.
They’re going to close an old store an open a new and improved Super Center.

(HT Cs9)

But despite what skeptics are saying Wal-Mart says in the end this new store will be better for the economy with a net increase in jobs. As with the Rotterdam store no one knows what will happen to the old store they plan to close.

That was one of the big sticking points in Rotterdam and why Wal-Mart was kept from building a new Super Center near the busy Five Corners area. They were going to close their existing store on Altamont Ave.

So now thanks to the new North Adams store we’ll see if the Rotterdam Town Board made the right call or if they should give Wal-Mart another chance.

Right now the people in North Adams are holding breath to see if all is truthful at Wonderful Wally World.

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