A Big Step In The Right Direction!!!

December 9, 2009

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A new citizens group has formed in Schenectady to recruit new members to the school board.  (HT Daily Gazette)

And as anyone who follows this blog knows


So mega kudos to  Schenectady Citizens for Openness in Public Education

(aka SCOPE)

“One of the group’s founders, Marjorie Karowe, said the idea started from a letter to the editor she wrote, seeking a citizens’ coalition to improve the schools. She said the group, which has about 15 members currently, is looking for people who will bring transparency and integrity to the board to improve its “tarnished” reputation.

Karowe said among the issues are the arrest of former facilities director Steven Raucci in September. Raucci faces a 26-count indictment charging him with arson and terrorism for allegedly planting explosive devices at the homes of people he viewed as his enemies. Authorities say the acts were part of a pattern of intimidation. Allegations have been made that Raucci curried favor with school officials to consolidate his power in the district.

“We have to turn around what has been a downhill slide of the perception of the school board,” she said.”

You can tell she’s understating her case to be be diplomatic.  It’s more like a runaway train to perdition, but hey!  Whatever they can do to help is fine with me.

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2 Responses to “A Big Step In The Right Direction!!!”

  1. Margaret Holoday Says:

    Would like more informatin on SCOPe. How does one join ths gorup?

  2. larryk12309 Says:

    People interested in joining the group, or in running for the Board of Education in the May 2010 election may send an e-mail to


    SCOPE officials will interviewing prospective candidates on three separate occasions in January and hope to make their selection no later than the end of that month.

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