Give a Duck For Christmas

December 17, 2009

I love my goat
Image by waɪ.tiː via Flickr

How about giving someone a duck for Christmas?  Not your cup of tea? Then perhaps you’d prefer to give someone a goat, or even a pig!

World Vision has a new gift catalog to help a third world family become self sustaining. They’ve taken the proverb “Teach a person to fish and feed them for life” to a whole new level.

Some of their ideas are a bit pricey.  Not a problem!  You can chip in to help buy a family their own donkey or even help a community dig it’s own deep well for a sustainable water supply.

My favorite though has to be the ducks.  They’re great in flood prone areas like Bangladesh where families loose all their livestock after a bad monsoon season.  Not a problem for ducks.  They’ll still be a around to lay lots of eggs and raise lots of ducklings to sell.

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