It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. With my new job I’ve had to cut back. Plus my weekends are busier thanks to a greater involvement in my church which IS A GOOD THING!

Speaking of my church we have a big conference this weekend featuring a big name. They’re expecting over a thousand people to show up at Grace Fellowship in Latham to hear Ruth Graham and Friends.

This is the sort of thing that can attract allot of media attention. That can be a mixed blessing.

On the good side it can present our church in a positive light. On the down side news people never get these stories right. You never get to see what’s going on behind the scenes.

Outsiders might look at this story and go

“Oh, look at the flaky Christians wishing upon a star.”

These people will never see all the follow up that goes into something like this. And they will never know all the lives that will be changed for the better.


Capital News Nine in Albany NY had fun covering the ongoing fallout from Steve Colbert’s comments about Schenectady.

Some agreed that Schenectady is best viewed on Google maps only. However my favorite comment reminded Colbert that since television was invented here, if it weren’t for Schenectady, Colbert wouldn’t have a job!

A few weeks back I blogged about an after hours drug rehab program in Puerto Rico that gives away needles to their clients after hours from a vending machine.  With tongue in cheek I asked, “When will we see this in Schenectady?

While there aren’t any vending machines just yet right down the road from Schenectady, in neighboring Albany NY, Catholic Charities is giving away clean needles from a mobile van unit.

Catholic Charities giving clean needles to drug users –

There are people raising all kinds of objections to this program, in spite of the fact that it’s already up and running in 17 communities around the state.  They say it encourages more drug use.  Of course proponents of the plan insist they’ve reduced the spread of AIDS where the program is in place.

The knee jerk conservative reaction would be to agree with the law enforcement people who believe we’re just going to be stuck with allot more lazy addicts to deal with.  And who says a real addict gives a darn about a clean needle anyway.

But I’m not a knee jerk conservative.  There’s something else to consider here as well.  Besides handing out needles shouldn’t Catholic Charities be handing out hope as well?

The last time I checked Catholics were still considered to be Christians.


Jesus,God,redemption,salvation,  THE BIBLE!


We’re supposed to be all about hope.

Anything to reduce the spread of AIDS is a good thing.  But wouldn’t getting people  off drugs and into rehab be even better?

It’s the same thing when it comes to handing out free condoms to teenagers.  I’m not a knee jerk conservative here either.  Condoms can also prevent the spread of STD’s, reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies and reduce the need for abortions. So I’m for the whole condom idea as long people also talk about taking pride in one’s body.

Oh No!  It’s the dreaded “A” word!


Hey!  It’s your body and your time.

Who says you have to lose your virginity by 16 anyway?

Therefore I believe anything out to prevent the spread of HIV is a good thing.

I just think it would be better to try and reach out to people’s souls as well.

-What say you?

Feel free to comment pro or con.

Just don’t be too snarky OK?  😉

I Double Dog Dare Ya!!!

February 4, 2010

Senator wanna be and wanna be heir to Obama’s throne Harold Ford Jr. appeared on Stephen Colbert’s last Monday night.

Ford may be your typical phony tell you anything to get elected politician, but you gotta give the man credit for coming on Colbert’s show.  Because you know if you show up there, you’re gonna get served!

Ford got ripped on a number of fronts including his claim that” touching down on a Staten Island helicopter pad qualified as visiting the New York City borough.”  HT The Times Union

“Are there other places in New York you designate as ‘helicopter only?'” the Colbert Report host asked, making air quotes with his fingers.

Colbert continued: “Because I would recommend, sir, I would recommend that for Schenectady. I would just look at that on Google maps.”

Ford laughed at Colbert’s joke but offered no wisecrack of his own.”

For the video click HERE

That drew quite a laugh from the audience as well.  Meanwhile how do you think people up here in SCHENECTADY feel about the joke?

“Chamber of Schenectady County President Charles Steiner, who occasionally watches “The Colbert Report” on Comedy Central network, encouraged Colbert to visit Schenectady by helicopter.

“He will see a lot of growth and opportunity and he is going to want to land his apparatus here,” Steiner said. “We would welcome him to fly overhead, and when he does stop by we will be there to welcome him.”

James Salengo, executive director the Downtown Schenectady Improvement Corp., also invited Colbert to visit Schenectady. “We would love him to do a show at Proctors.'”

HT Daily Gazette Schenectady to Colbert: ‘Drop in’.

That’s fine for Colbert but what about Congressman Ford?

He’s the one that was being challenged.  So I say to Congressman Ford dispel all the rumors that you’re nothing but a selfless poser politician by announcing you’re running for the Senate . . .

at The Holiday Inn in beautiful downtown Schenectady!!!

That will show everyone you really do care about the people of New York State!

Come on Congressman

I Double Dog Dare ya!

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CN9 has a story about an Albany NY area woman who was finally united at last with the little girl from Haiti she’s been trying to adopt for the last two years.  Four years earlier the woman had adopted the girl’s brother, so this was quite a reunion!

Meanwhile my wife and I have a taste of what this new forever family is now feeling.  Ten years ago this month we adopted a baby girl from China.  There was no earthquake involved in our adoption but we did have our own share of setbacks and nail biting moments.

So congratulations, to Melissa Charest, Emma and Jacob, Charest, a new forever family!  Welcome to the USA Emma!