A Feel Good Story About Haiti

February 2, 2010

CN9 has a story about an Albany NY area woman who was finally united at last with the little girl from Haiti she’s been trying to adopt for the last two years.  Four years earlier the woman had adopted the girl’s brother, so this was quite a reunion!

Meanwhile my wife and I have a taste of what this new forever family is now feeling.  Ten years ago this month we adopted a baby girl from China.  There was no earthquake involved in our adoption but we did have our own share of setbacks and nail biting moments.

So congratulations, to Melissa Charest, Emma and Jacob, Charest, a new forever family!  Welcome to the USA Emma!


One Response to “A Feel Good Story About Haiti”

  1. larryk12309 Says:

    For the record my son would like me to add that 18 months after we adopted our daughter we adopted him. He is from South Korea. Also the only earthquake he is involved in is the ones that he and his friends create up in their attic playroom. These usually involve something to do with a show called WWE Smackdown, oh my!

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