I Double Dog Dare Ya!!!

February 4, 2010

Senator wanna be and wanna be heir to Obama’s throne Harold Ford Jr. appeared on Stephen Colbert’s last Monday night.

Ford may be your typical phony tell you anything to get elected politician, but you gotta give the man credit for coming on Colbert’s show.  Because you know if you show up there, you’re gonna get served!

Ford got ripped on a number of fronts including his claim that” touching down on a Staten Island helicopter pad qualified as visiting the New York City borough.”  HT The Times Union

“Are there other places in New York you designate as ‘helicopter only?'” the Colbert Report host asked, making air quotes with his fingers.

Colbert continued: “Because I would recommend, sir, I would recommend that for Schenectady. I would just look at that on Google maps.”

Ford laughed at Colbert’s joke but offered no wisecrack of his own.”

For the video click HERE

That drew quite a laugh from the audience as well.  Meanwhile how do you think people up here in SCHENECTADY feel about the joke?

“Chamber of Schenectady County President Charles Steiner, who occasionally watches “The Colbert Report” on Comedy Central network, encouraged Colbert to visit Schenectady by helicopter.

“He will see a lot of growth and opportunity and he is going to want to land his apparatus here,” Steiner said. “We would welcome him to fly overhead, and when he does stop by we will be there to welcome him.”

James Salengo, executive director the Downtown Schenectady Improvement Corp., also invited Colbert to visit Schenectady. “We would love him to do a show at Proctors.'”

HT Daily Gazette Schenectady to Colbert: ‘Drop in’.

That’s fine for Colbert but what about Congressman Ford?

He’s the one that was being challenged.  So I say to Congressman Ford dispel all the rumors that you’re nothing but a selfless poser politician by announcing you’re running for the Senate . . .

at The Holiday Inn in beautiful downtown Schenectady!!!

That will show everyone you really do care about the people of New York State!

Come on Congressman

I Double Dog Dare ya!

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