The Trial of the Century Begins

March 3, 2010

It’s the trial of the century as far as the City of Schenectady is concerned. The jury selection process has begun in the case of Steve Raucci former Bulding Services Director of the Schenectady School District. He’s facing 26 charges of arson and even terrorism.

(Hat Tip Daily Gazette)

Photo of

From left, School Superintendent, Eric Ely, School District Lawyer Shari Greenleaf and former
School Board President, Jeff Janiszewski.

Today the list of witnesses was red and it’s a who’s who of people working for the school district, former and current.  The most interesting name is Superintendent Eric Ely who  according to The Daily Gazette is looking for another position anywhere in the country.  That’s not a good sign for him is it?


2 Responses to “The Trial of the Century Begins”

  1. Jeff Jenkins Says:

    Just now stumbled onto your site when I was searching Google for the cover of Time magazine that was called “Should Christians Convert Muslims?” Looks like you have a very interesting site here. I have also been following the Rifqa Bary case, and, from what I have so far quickly glanced on your site here, from what I can tell, I agree with your views.

  2. larryk12309 Says:

    Thanks for for stopping by and commenting.

    It’s amazing what you can find on Google. Also you can find lots of good articles just by searching on word press.

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