Time to Brag!

April 25, 2010

It’s always good when I have something to brag about instead of my usual whining moaning and groaning!

Last Thursday we were treated to The City Wide Chorus sponsored by The Schenectady Friends of Music.

Of course it helps that our daughter was involved in the elementary school portion of the program!

But it was also a treat to hear The Middle School Chorus and The High School Chorus because they were really really good!

Mega kudos to all the teachers and volunteers involved because they all did a fantastic job!


The YNN Tea Party Report

April 17, 2010

Here’s the way Time Warner Cable’s “Your News Now” covered today’s Tea Party in downtown Albany.   (Click on picture)

For the most part their coverage was positive except when presenting an opposing view they always go for the most inflammatory.  That would be former President’s Clinton remark comparing Tea Party protesters to the terrorists who caused the Oklahoma City bombings.


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I may have to get treated for self abuse over this one folks!


Why God? Why?

One of the coolest political events to come to little Deadbany

(Every out of towners favorite nickname for Albany NY)

is this Saturday and I can’t go.


It’s America Rising Battle Plan 2010


It’s at The Albany Riverfront Park at the Corning Preserve on Quay St. right off of I-787.

Here’s the link


The good news is my awesome cool wife  (how’s that for earning get out of the doghouse free points?)

will be able to attend with her hen posse

Besides the reason I can’t go is there’s an important seminar happening at my church

and that takes priority

besides, no big deal

my awesome wife will be there!

Are U Still Praying?

April 8, 2010

Remember way back in the summer of 2K06 when they were lining up with everyone to run for president?

In the coming months we’re really going to start hearing about real exploratory committees from people really throwing their hat in the ring against Obama.

It’s  still a long wait until there’s an official announcement from anyone, but now’s the time when allot of things are happening behind the scenes.  And politics junkies and pundits know it.  The vultures are always circling.

So are you still praying for your favorite?

Because before we know it the rumors will end and the rubber will really meet the road.

We all see the ground swell with the Tea Party’s and the Tea Party backlash.

Soon we’ll know if conservatives will really have a voice in The Republican Party or if it’s time to jump ship and create a legitimate conservative 3rd party.

I’m praying the GOP will step up to the plate and return to it’s roots.

If not, I’m hoping we’ll get a third party so good even the far far far right Ron Paul people and even the Constitution Party will like it.

That’s what I’m praying for anyway.