My Best Failure

July 6, 2010

It wasn’t a failure, it was a stepping stone.

Coach Shook

My biggest failure happened when I tried to teach Sunday School. The kids are great, the staff is awesome and my fellow helpers are the best. However, they have this rule about no yelling at anyone and I tend to put it in “Coach” mode like my dad used to. You know,


That’s a no no.

And it was a struggle to find an alternative to yelling and with a room full of rambunctious pre teens that can be a challenge.

But the coordinator found something I’d be much better at.


Now I’ve got my whole family involved. Once a month we do a puppet show for the preschool kids and two weeks later we do one for the elementary group.

That’s how my favorite failure became a stepping stone to my greatest adventure.


One Response to “My Best Failure”

  1. Cher Says:

    I write and teach a age 3-6 year old Little Kids Church and puppets are the best way to get that age group to listen to what you want them to learn. They even tell these lessons to their stuffed animals or to their day care buddies.

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