New York state could be the only place where the Tea Party Movement may have hurt the Republicans rather than help them. It didn’t help that Carl Paladino was not ready for prime time and got set up by the Dems and the fringe stream media like a bowling pin. And now King Cuomo is firmly in charge.

In the next two years Republicans will have to decide what really works in New York may not be the same as what works for the rest of the country. Perhaps it’s better to be pragmatic than idealistic.

On the other hand two years can be a long time in the age of 24/7 hour news cycles. The Republican tsunami that swept most of the nation could grow in 2012 to reach into places as unlikely as the NY-21 where the GOP candidate did allot better than the usual token challenge in 2010.

But whatever optimism Republicans have about this nation’s future. They need to remember that New York State is an alternate reality.


Great Cartoon Blog

September 5, 2010

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  If that’s true then “Draw For Truth” speaks volumes!

I love what the blog has to say about the unfair attacks against Sarah Palin, The Tea Party Movement and the lame stream media’s desperate attempts at damage control for our failed president.  Check it out!

Since I’m not a Sean Hannity wanna be, I have no problem posting a clarification or even a retraction of sorts, regarding my last post.

I do not believe that every single person involved in the modern peace movement is a God hating atheist or a USA hating communist.  But I do get the distinct impression that the organizers behind it all, are.

On the other hand if my fellow Evangelicals have any hope of reaching outsiders who are liberals, or peace marchers, or even anarchists, (And Jesus did say go into ALL the world) then we’d better make sure whenever possible our churches stay right out of politics altogether.

We need to stay as far as we can from pinheads like this group in Florida who are having a “Burn the Koran” day.  Our Lord said “Love your enemies,” not pick a fight with them.


And we Evangelicals need to disassociate ourselves from people like those jack wagons who showed up at U Albany last year (or was it the year before?) with signs that had stuff like “God Hates Gays” on them.  That got me so upset I almost showed up on campus dressed in drag carrying a super soaker!

(Do I want to post this?  YEAH!  I do)

How did Rep. Pete Stark, D-Calif. ever get voted into office?

Take a look at this clip from FOX NEWS to see the smug “Know it all” attitude he has towards his constituents.





CNN needs to get their heads out of the sand so they can learn to count crowds better. One of their reporters covering the big Tea Party event in Nevada, numbered the crowd at, “hundreds perhaps dozens.” Gee that’s funny others covering the very same event put the number closer to 20K!

Hmmmm! I wonder who is closer to the truth. Let’s check the photos, SHALL WE! (HT Atlas Shrugs)

Looks like the 20K number is the right one!  Notice the second photo of the woodstock type traffic jam of people still trying to reach the event after it already had begun.  Here I thought CNN was becoming more conservative.  Cue the buzzer!  BeeeeeeeeeeeP!

CNN is STILL stuck on stupid!

Drown The Lawyers

March 14, 2010

Remember the famous line Tom Hanks character said in the movie “Philadelphia?”

“What do you call ten lawyers chained together at the bottom of the ocean?”


Perhaps they were referring to the scum that’s willing to dredge up whatever defense it takes to get their client off.

Take the case against domestic terrorist and Schenectady union hit man Steve Raucci. HT CN9 YNN

What is his lawyer’s defense so far?

Yes a house was bombed but because somebody blew up the wrong house it wasn’t Raucci. It was some teenagers who were really good at demolitions.

But wait!

They weren’t really bombs!

They were firecrackers!

(Pretty good firecrackers for the damage they caused)

Is this the lawyer that gave President Bill Clinton his “I didn’t inhale,” defense?

So what do you call ten slimy lawyers drowned at the bottom of the Hudson River?

A giant step forward for New York State and Capital land!!!

I Double Dog Dare Ya!!!

February 4, 2010

Senator wanna be and wanna be heir to Obama’s throne Harold Ford Jr. appeared on Stephen Colbert’s last Monday night.

Ford may be your typical phony tell you anything to get elected politician, but you gotta give the man credit for coming on Colbert’s show.  Because you know if you show up there, you’re gonna get served!

Ford got ripped on a number of fronts including his claim that” touching down on a Staten Island helicopter pad qualified as visiting the New York City borough.”  HT The Times Union

“Are there other places in New York you designate as ‘helicopter only?'” the Colbert Report host asked, making air quotes with his fingers.

Colbert continued: “Because I would recommend, sir, I would recommend that for Schenectady. I would just look at that on Google maps.”

Ford laughed at Colbert’s joke but offered no wisecrack of his own.”

For the video click HERE

That drew quite a laugh from the audience as well.  Meanwhile how do you think people up here in SCHENECTADY feel about the joke?

“Chamber of Schenectady County President Charles Steiner, who occasionally watches “The Colbert Report” on Comedy Central network, encouraged Colbert to visit Schenectady by helicopter.

“He will see a lot of growth and opportunity and he is going to want to land his apparatus here,” Steiner said. “We would welcome him to fly overhead, and when he does stop by we will be there to welcome him.”

James Salengo, executive director the Downtown Schenectady Improvement Corp., also invited Colbert to visit Schenectady. “We would love him to do a show at Proctors.'”

HT Daily Gazette Schenectady to Colbert: ‘Drop in’.

That’s fine for Colbert but what about Congressman Ford?

He’s the one that was being challenged.  So I say to Congressman Ford dispel all the rumors that you’re nothing but a selfless poser politician by announcing you’re running for the Senate . . .

at The Holiday Inn in beautiful downtown Schenectady!!!

That will show everyone you really do care about the people of New York State!

Come on Congressman

I Double Dog Dare ya!

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