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September 5, 2010

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  If that’s true then “Draw For Truth” speaks volumes!

I love what the blog has to say about the unfair attacks against Sarah Palin, The Tea Party Movement and the lame stream media’s desperate attempts at damage control for our failed president.  Check it out!


CNN needs to get their heads out of the sand so they can learn to count crowds better. One of their reporters covering the big Tea Party event in Nevada, numbered the crowd at, “hundreds perhaps dozens.” Gee that’s funny others covering the very same event put the number closer to 20K!

Hmmmm! I wonder who is closer to the truth. Let’s check the photos, SHALL WE! (HT Atlas Shrugs)

Looks like the 20K number is the right one!  Notice the second photo of the woodstock type traffic jam of people still trying to reach the event after it already had begun.  Here I thought CNN was becoming more conservative.  Cue the buzzer!  BeeeeeeeeeeeP!

CNN is STILL stuck on stupid!

Who’s Next?

January 21, 2010

Now that a Republican is going to be sitting in the Senate seat that’s been held by a Kennedy since 1952 everyone is wondering.

Is this a sign of what’s to come in 2010?

It makes you think,

Who’s next?

How about Kirsten Gillibrand!

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Meat the Press!!!

October 31, 2009

This is an upload of a cassette someone did on You Tube of a Christian Rock classic by Steve Taylor from his album “Meltdown.”  The song is called “Meat the Press”.

It’s about how the MSM is  anti-Christian Right.

Keep in mind this came out 20 years ago.

It’s more true now than it was back then!


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Image by Hot Rod Homepage via Flickr

You’ve seen the photo cropped images of President Obama as the Joker.  They went viral the moment they were posted

Now, here’s my humble suggestion for all you people out there that have a knack for such things.  How about Obama as Chancellor Palpitine from the Star Wars movies?

The Chancellor is supposed to be this kind old man working behind the scenes to save the Republic.  He’s like everyone’s doting uncle.

But in Star Wars 3: Revenge of the Sith: Palpitine fully embraces and is completely consumed by the dark side of the force.  (Evil cackle and all)

He persuades heroic but troubled Anikin Skywalker to also embrace the dark side.  Anikin follows Palpitine until he too is consumed by evil to become the iron lung breathing Darth Vader.

It’s in the final chapter of the series that we have the best image to use for our president.  Imagine Obama as The Emperor, zapping the living daylights out of Anikin Skywalker’s son Luke.

“And now young Skywalker,

you will die.”

Except in this picture, it’s not Luke Skywalker writhing in agony on the floor,

It’s Lady Liberty herself!

May God bless America (And the world)

In Jesus name,


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