Praying for Schenectady

July 22, 2010

It’s certainly been a crazy year for those of us with children in the Schenectady School District. There are two things that keep me from totally giving up on this city altogether. One is, as a person of faith I know how prayer changes things. And two,

after seeing how much the Obama administration is train wrecking everything in sight it just goes to show our city government isn’t so bad after all.


What I’m Thankful For

November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day
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I am thankful for . . .

My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

That my family can worship Him the way we want

in the church of our choice

that all of us can blog like we do

even when it’s as off the wall as this.

I am thankful that when I lost my job

it was quickly replaced and now we have better health coverage

(Without any public option thank you very much)

I’m thankful for all the wonderful loving people at Grace Fellowship

and at Grace North.  Especially all the kids and all my fellow volunteers in Kid’s Celebration!

I’m thankful for all our women and men in uniform all around the world

all our heroic first responders

and for all you blog surfers out there

Have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving 2009!!!

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Sar Bear Live!

November 23, 2009

Sarah Palin addressing the Republican National...
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Sarah Palin from her Book Signing Tour

Yes I’m a big Sarah Palin fan.  But it’s nothing like the man crush the fringe stream media has on Obama.  If the president sacrificed little children to the sun god the MSM would say it shows he has medical skills!

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Here’s Super Vlogger Bridgette Gabriel correcting the error

of so called Political Correctness!

Notice the reference to CAIR in case you’re wondering what group she’s talking about.

Don’t forget to sign the petition.

SOS! SOC! Save Our Country!

November 21, 2009

National Health album cover
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This is it!

They’re going to ram health care down our throats while they think they have a chance.

Pray pray pray!

Then call your senators.

Click here for more info on what’s going this weekend with Obama Death care!

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Conservative Party logo
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Yesterday was a day filled with some good news, some bad news, and some really good news.  First the bad news.  My one horse in yesterdays race lost by over fifteen hundred votes.  -From The Daily Gazette

“Dominic Dagostino, a Conservative running with the Democratic backing, captured the position of Schenectady County sheriff Tuesday night by more than 1,000 votes in unofficial results. Dagostino, 43, defeated Joseph Lazzari, a member of the Independence Party running on the Republican line. The sheriff’s race was the only contested countywide race.”

Now for the good news.  Looks like Ayatollah Dear Leader Obama got his first setback in his goal of forcing his Marxist regime on the entire USA!!

From FNC

“Republican gubernatorial wins in New Jersey and Virginia mark a troubling turn for President Obama, whose personal efforts couldn’t stop the fall of Democrats facing a voter backlash over the economy and a notable uptick in the government’s would-be role in people’s lives.

Obama’s 2008 victory in Old Dominion had marked an historic breakthrough for Democrats who hadn’t won Virginia’s electoral votes since 1964. The fight in the Garden State was more grueling than usually accompanies Democratic campaigns in the reliably blue state of New Jersey.

So the setbacks demonstrate the difficulty of presidential leadership following a campaign built on promises of unity followed by divisive policies and a relentless campaign approach toward big legislative issues like the stimulus and health care bills.”

And now for the really good news which had absolutely nothing to do with the elections.  Which, all things considered, weren’t that big a deal for me this year anyway.

It seems Downtown Schenectady is finally getting rid of a stain in its downtown area.  The Another World Bookstore will be closing it’s doors at its current location.

Also from the Daily Gazette

“The last holdout in the bitter two-year battle over Erie Boulevard has waved the white flag.

Rocco Palmer, owner of Another World, has agreed to accept a “fair deal” to relocate his adult business out of downtown.

“We’re willing to negotiate,” he said on Tuesday.”

Even if they move to another place in the city, it will most likely be one that’s not as conducive to all the other (AHEM) activities that went on there.

In fact the sidewalk in front might be a good place for a little “Street Fishing.”   😉

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Fred on the issues

Schenectady NY where I live is about 100 miles to the south of the infamous NY-23rd Congressional district.  My TV market barely reaches it via cable and arrays that look like cell phone towers next to people’s houses.

But that’s enough to make it all the buzz around here.  In a way though it’s almost surreal with all the national attention this race is getting.  We’re talking about a part of New York that if it weren’t for the mountains to the south and the international boundary to the north you might think you were in Nebraska.  That’s how remote NY-23 is.

So to have Joe Biden show up to speak up for Democrat Bill Owens is a quite an oddity.  You just wouldn’t see that in a normal election year.  People don’t usually give a rip about how the vote is going in Plattsburg, Watertown and Massena.

From Capital News Nine

“It wasn’t a packed house, but that didn’t derail any enthusiasm. State Democratic leaders and the Vice President of the United States found their way to Watertown to rally around the democratic candidate Bill Owens.

Owens and Biden tackled subjects like Fort Drum, health care and the economy.”

Meanwhile Doug Hoffman is getting help from Fred Thompson.  He’s got an ad running on cable endorsing the conservative independent.

Then there’s country star John Rich.  He’s stumping for Doug Hoffman too.

also from CS9

“Country music star John Rich and Tennessee senator Fred Thompson are backing Hoffman in his race for the 23rd district congressional seat. Both men say they made the trip in the hours before Election Day because they believe Hoffman is the beginning of change for the country as a whole.”

However, everything else about this race is politics as usual.  The local media is blaming national celebrities like Rush Limbaugh for forcing GOP candidate Dede Scozzafava to pull out.

They’re making it sound like she was a victim.  It’s more like she was a victim of her own ignorance.  Scozzafava assumed people wouldn’t see her for what she really was, a shill for ACORN and Obama.”

Maybe John Rich and Fred Thompson are right.  Perhaps this is “The beginning of change for the country as a whole.”

Now that’s what I call REAL Change!

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