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First off we want to send lots of prayers and kind thoughts to everyone in and around the Fort Hood area in Texas.  This is something that a lot of people will never fully recover from.

As always I watch all breaking news on Fox.  They are the least prone to giving into sensationalism or being too melodramatic as the big three have a tendency to do.

But Thursday night’s O’Reilly Factor was exceptional for other reasons too.  It wasn’t just the professional way Bill O and team Fox covered a breaking news story it was everything else they had on the program as well.

The big stand out for me was a story from my neighboring state of Vermont.  It was about a judicial system that treats sex offenders as patients rather than criminals.

Here’s a link to the clip from The O’Reilly Factor.

This story goes deeper than what meets the eye.  I know at times we conservatives beat the same drum allot.  But as more evidence mounts we’re forced to make the same conclusions.

The Godless Liberal establishment is evil.

They treat child rapists as if they are merely misguided as if molestation is more about consensual sex than about what it really is ; a wicked and cruel act.  I’d almost think that NAMBLA is behind the scenes pulling the judge’s and the local media’s strings.

It’s bad enough Liberals are cruel to preborn infants by allowing abortion on demand.  But now they want to allow consensual sex with minors.

To make matters worse what kind of people will this light sentencing trend attract to Vermont.  It’s like this.  Homeless people go to California, because they’re well treated in San Francisco.  Gun lovers go to Texas because of their right to carry law.   And now with judges like this,  sex offenders will want to live in Vermont.

So now there is no way that I’m ever going to want to visit Vermont with my family.  Not when it’s becoming the haven for perverts and child molesters!


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The Prodigal Grandson

September 27, 2009

An outhouse exterior
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Call it a combination of growing up in a yellow dog Republican district and watching the Vietnam protests on TV..  But when Nixon resigned in disgrace a couple months before my eighteenth birthday, there was no way I was going to register Republican.

However, when I moved to a heavily Democratic district there was no way I could stand being one of them either.  It was like choosing between the candidate who smelled like a desert outhouse vs. the one who smelled like a manure wagon.

What my grandfather said years ago was so true.  Politicians all have one thing in common.

“They’re all crooks!”

Nevertheless he was like the rest of my family.  He was a loyal Republican.

Much to their chagrin I wanted nothing to do with it.  For most of my adult life I’ve remained an independent with no party affiliation.

However, that is about to change.  The stakes are much higher now.  I’d rather vote for a corrupt Republican who understands what we’re up against in the war against Islamic extremism, than a clean Democrat who’d rather sing Kumbaya with OBL.

So it may only be a symbolic gesture since many of the local races are decided during the democratic primary, but that’s alright.  I’m registering Republican.  We’ll save their Democratic outhouse lovin’ fannies too.

And that noise you hear coming from a cemetary in Green Valley Arizona is my grandfather exclaiming,

“It’s about time!”

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Analysts believe the biggest reason for North Korea‘s food crisis is too much government control.

Are we headed down the same path?  In California they are facing one of their worst droughts in history. 

To make matters worse much of the water needed to save California’s farms has been diverted for the sake of a tiny fish.

Here’s the story from Hannity on Fox News . .


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Farmers in one of the most fertile places on earth now must wait in line for their food.  Unbelievable!

That’s what we see in third world countries, BUT NOT HERE!

All because of the federal governments concern over a stupid little fish!

Yes we need to be careful with the environment, but when there are unintended consequences it’s time to pull the plug!

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And Now Some Good News

September 12, 2009

Image representing AMD as depicted in CrunchBase
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It seemed too good to be true. A brand new industrial park, anchored by Advanced Micro Devices, where an old government site stood that could bring in hundreds of jobs. Perhaps down in Texas or California, but not north of Albany, in Upstate New York.

To make matters worse the more money the government sunk into the project the worse things looked for the park’s one and only tenant.

As far as I was concerned this was going to be a zillion dollar ghost town monument to government waste along the shore of Saratoga Lake in Malta New York.  They could name it after Chuck Schumer and former State Senator Joe Bruno.

But Praise God this is turning out to be a good thing.

MALTA — GlobalFoundries Inc. is poised to become one of the largest computer chip foundries in the world after its investors from Abu Dhabi pledged $1.8 billion to acquire Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd. in Singapore.


By securing additional customers for GlobalFoundries, industry analysts say, it also further solidifies the business rationale behind the Sunnyvale, Calif., company’s construction of a $4.2 billion computer chip factory, known as Fab 2, at Luther Forest Technology Campus in Malta.

In fact, this is an excellent omen for further expansion of Fab 2,” said Theo Valich, editor-in-chief of Bright Side of News, an online publication that follows the semiconductor industry.

The deal for Chartered is an amazing turn of events for Global Foundries, which had only one customer — parent company Advanced Micro Devices Inc. — back in July when it broke ground on Fab 2, which is expected to be completed by 2012.

Since then, the company has added Swiss chip company STMicroelectronics N.V. as its first new customer and is now becoming affiliated with Chartered in a deal disclosed on Sunday. Customer acquisitions are key for foundries like Chartered and GlobalFoundries, which manufacture computer chips for other companies.

At last some good economic news even here in the rust belt.

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