CN9 has a story about an Albany NY area woman who was finally united at last with the little girl from Haiti she’s been trying to adopt for the last two years.  Four years earlier the woman had adopted the girl’s brother, so this was quite a reunion!

Meanwhile my wife and I have a taste of what this new forever family is now feeling.  Ten years ago this month we adopted a baby girl from China.  There was no earthquake involved in our adoption but we did have our own share of setbacks and nail biting moments.

So congratulations, to Melissa Charest, Emma and Jacob, Charest, a new forever family!  Welcome to the USA Emma!


Katie’s Korner

November 27, 2009

Time now for something different.  It’s my weekend music post.  Back in Y2K my wife and I adopted our daughter Katie just before her first birthday.

One of the promises we made our adoption agency was that we would tell our daughter about the culture of her birth country.  That’s why among Katie’s interests in addition to the usual stuff, (Hannah Montana, Radio Disney, Roller Skating) she also likes C-Pop.  That’s pop music in Chinese.  One of her favorite videos is by the group called S*H*E* with their song “Ring Ring Ring.”

First  for what it’s worth here are the lyrics in Pinyin

zhong yu liao jie deng dai zi wei
shi rang ren zhe me zhua kuang beng kui
nan dao ni dui wo mei gan jue
gei le ni hao ma zen me hai bu lai ai dian

ring a ring a ring ring a ring a ring hui bu hui shi ni
yao xiang ji sheng cai neng jie
xin tiao de sheng yin, beng beng zhong di yin
pa ling sheng hui ting, gan kuai an xia tong hua jian

la chang er duo ti gao jing jue, shen jing xi bao quan mian jie bei
ni de dian hua jue bu lou jie, ring a ring a ring, ai de he xian ling ya
guan ta wang wai huo shi wang nei, yue di zai kao lv tong hua fei
ti wen yi ran shao dao fei dian, wo bu pa ao ye, guan ta hei yan quan ya
lai dian again

jie dao ni de lai dian wo hui da han ya ya
ting dao ni de sheng yin wo jiu ok
bao qian wang le jin chi zen me yan
ke shi xing fen hen nan shou lian

fan fu kan shou ji hao ji bian
jiu dan xin dian chi tu ran mei dian
ni dao di you mei you gan jue
gei le ni hao ma zen me hai bu lai ai dian


ring ring ring, ai de he xian ling zai jing xing
xin tiao de xin sheng kai shi zhen dong wo de jin
xin sheng bu zhi ni shi fou zai deng dai, wo yi jing zai zhe bian qi dai
ring ring ring, xi wang ting dao ni shuo hi


Please keep in mind music lyrics are going to lose allot in translation

But it gives you some idea anyway, it’s all about working a customer service center for a cell phone company and dealing with people who are clueless about using their new cell phones.

Come to understand the taste is to allow people to wait for the collapse of so crazy Do not you I did not feel right to you how do not call number


Could it be that you have to (let it) ring for several more (times) will take heart afraid of (before you’re brave enough to answer your phone) the sound (of the) bouncing bass tone will stop and quickly press the Talk key

RING A RING A RING # Elongated nerve cells in the ear to improve on full alert must wake up your phone never fumbled RING A RING A RING
Love Chord bell AGAIN

Pipe net, or nets, he considered the end of airtime to the boiling point temperature has been burning late at night I could not control his black eye calls AGAIN

YA I will be receiving your phone shouting YA
OK I hear your voice OK
Sorry forgot to restrained speech, but how exciting is difficult to converge

Repeated several times to see cell phone batteries to worry about a sudden no power in the end you have no feeling for how you do not call number


*Rap* * Rap *


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Why We Must Never Be Socialist

September 16, 2009

Unification monument in Pyongyan
Image via Wikipedia

If you want to see what it’s really like to be a Socialist nation take a good look at North Korea. As if comparing West and East Germany weren’t enough.  You might remember East Germany and the WALL they had to build to keep people IN their country. But it looks like we need a reminder from North Korea.

Here’s an excerpt from the site, “One Free Korea”

quoting a story from The Globe and Mail,

Despite having more arable land per capita than the United Kingdom or Belgium, North Korea is chronically, desperately short of food, and spiralling downward into its worst crisis in a decade.

Analysts believe North Korea could feed itself under normal circumstances, particularly since, according to the World Bank, North Korea has just under 125 hectares of arable land per 1,000 people, compared with 95 hectares in the U.K. and 80 in Belgium and China. (The Canadian figure is 1,443 hectares per 1,000 people, a ratio surpassed only by Australia and Kazakhstan.) North Korea’s farmers, however, are crippled by the country’s isolation and the government’s top-down management of agriculture. They have faced a particularly difficult struggle since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, which meant the end of decades of nearly free fuel from Pyongyang‘s former patron.

“There are no farm animals, virtually no machinery. They’re not practising anything like crop rotation,” said Paul French, author of North Korea: The Paranoid Peninsula. “You know there’s a problem when people have eaten all the livestock.”

If this is the direction Obama wants to take us then,

No thank you Mr. President!

We need to be heading in the opposite direction as quickly as possible.  Even though we’ve been down this road since The New Deal, now’s the time for a rapid U-turn in the other direction.  That big “bridge out” sign up ahead that resembles North Korea could be the last exit before the abyss of no return.

-God help us!

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Millions of us will gather in places of worship of all shapes and sizes this weekend without fear of persecution.  We go where ever and when ever we want.

That’s not case for millions more around the world.  They face the possibility of raids, harassment, imprisonment, torture, and death.  All for the chance to gather with other believers and worship Our Lord Jesus and hear the preaching of His Word.

Take for example Shouwang Church in Beijing China,

“China Aid learned the Chinese government recently issued a secret directive calling the government agencies to dismantle at least six major house churches before the end of August. ChinaAid believes these actions have been taken in preparation for the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the CPC’s rule in China. Reliable sources told ChinaAid that the Beijing Huajie Plaza received an order from the PSB to terminate its rental contract with the Beijing Shouwang house church. One of the largest house churches in the area, Beijing Shouwang Church has been renting two floors for their worship and Sunday school services in Huajie Plaza for a few years. The church has over 1,000 church members, and most of them are intellectuals from universities. This is the most recent action against Beijing Shouwang Church since government officials forcibly shut down their church website on April 13, 2009, and raided the church on May 11, 2008.”

Of course I never will  understand why governments have a problem with a religion that encourages it’s followers to obey the law, be productive, and be a peaceful citizen.  But we know it’s the enemy clouding their thinking.

As believers in a free country what can we do?

Here’s what I will do.

China Aid urges Christians around the world to speak out on behalf of these believers, to urge that their freedoms not be thwarted.

Contact the Chinese Embassy with your concerns;

Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong
3505 International Place, NW, Washington, D.C. 20008
Tel: (202) 495-2000
Fax: (202) 588-9760″

Photo from Over 1,000 believers worship at Beijing Shouwang Church every week.
Don’t forget to thank God for your freedom this weekend and pray for those in China and elsewhere.
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