How did Rep. Pete Stark, D-Calif. ever get voted into office?

Take a look at this clip from FOX NEWS to see the smug “Know it all” attitude he has towards his constituents.






A few weeks back I blogged about an after hours drug rehab program in Puerto Rico that gives away needles to their clients after hours from a vending machine.  With tongue in cheek I asked, “When will we see this in Schenectady?

While there aren’t any vending machines just yet right down the road from Schenectady, in neighboring Albany NY, Catholic Charities is giving away clean needles from a mobile van unit.

Catholic Charities giving clean needles to drug users –

There are people raising all kinds of objections to this program, in spite of the fact that it’s already up and running in 17 communities around the state.  They say it encourages more drug use.  Of course proponents of the plan insist they’ve reduced the spread of AIDS where the program is in place.

The knee jerk conservative reaction would be to agree with the law enforcement people who believe we’re just going to be stuck with allot more lazy addicts to deal with.  And who says a real addict gives a darn about a clean needle anyway.

But I’m not a knee jerk conservative.  There’s something else to consider here as well.  Besides handing out needles shouldn’t Catholic Charities be handing out hope as well?

The last time I checked Catholics were still considered to be Christians.


Jesus,God,redemption,salvation,  THE BIBLE!


We’re supposed to be all about hope.

Anything to reduce the spread of AIDS is a good thing.  But wouldn’t getting people  off drugs and into rehab be even better?

It’s the same thing when it comes to handing out free condoms to teenagers.  I’m not a knee jerk conservative here either.  Condoms can also prevent the spread of STD’s, reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies and reduce the need for abortions. So I’m for the whole condom idea as long people also talk about taking pride in one’s body.

Oh No!  It’s the dreaded “A” word!


Hey!  It’s your body and your time.

Who says you have to lose your virginity by 16 anyway?

Therefore I believe anything out to prevent the spread of HIV is a good thing.

I just think it would be better to try and reach out to people’s souls as well.

-What say you?

Feel free to comment pro or con.

Just don’t be too snarky OK?  😉

Bill O'Reilly on TV
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If only I were more like Bill…

Bill O’Reilly that is.

Even if I could only get a show on the public access channel I’d do it.

Just so I could get pinheads like Schenectady County Court Judge Polly Hoye to come on my show.

(Dream sequence)

Hello everyone and and welcome to “The Larry Factor” here on SACC Channel 16 in beautiful downtown Schenectady.

With me tonight in the no stupid zone is Schenectady County Court Judge Polly Hoye who recently ruled that an estimated $120,000 in cash seized from former city schools facilities director Steve Raucci’s Niskayuna home should be returned to him claiming there has been nothing to show it is connected to any of the crimes alleged.

(HT Daily Gazette-)

Judge with all due respect Raucci was a glorified janitor and yet he had over 120K in cash at his house.  Don’t you find that a little odd?

Judge Hoye :  “Well you know, legalese speak etc etc etc.”


Judge Hoye: If you’d just let me . .


Judge Hoye: The law states . .


Judge Hoye : Well gee I dunno!

ME:  Alright judge thank you for coming on   Next as the factor moves along we’ll have Steve and Jackie from WROW along with Uncle Vito from PYX 106 and of course veiwer mail.

(And then the alarm went off)  SIGH!

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From FNC-

A needle exchange program in Puerto Rico is testing a vending machine that provides drug users with clean syringes after-hours to fight the spread of HIV and hepatitis C.

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=syringe&iid=6689375″ src=”d/c/3/5/Clinic_Offers_Drive_ecb6.jpg?adImageId=7900778&imageId=6689375″ width=”234″ height=”162″ /]

Drug counseling offices that distribute syringes are open only during daylight hours.

The vending machine program targets young addicts reluctant to seek help.

Drug users can get syringes, cookers, cotton filters, gauze and sterile water to prepare drugs for injection by inserting a special card.

At least it’s for people getting drug counseling.  If they leave the program can they still get the needles?

And how long before we surrender to the drug war up here and we see the machines in LA?


In Schenectady!

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Yesterday was a day filled with some good news, some bad news, and some really good news.  First the bad news.  My one horse in yesterdays race lost by over fifteen hundred votes.  -From The Daily Gazette

“Dominic Dagostino, a Conservative running with the Democratic backing, captured the position of Schenectady County sheriff Tuesday night by more than 1,000 votes in unofficial results. Dagostino, 43, defeated Joseph Lazzari, a member of the Independence Party running on the Republican line. The sheriff’s race was the only contested countywide race.”

Now for the good news.  Looks like Ayatollah Dear Leader Obama got his first setback in his goal of forcing his Marxist regime on the entire USA!!

From FNC

“Republican gubernatorial wins in New Jersey and Virginia mark a troubling turn for President Obama, whose personal efforts couldn’t stop the fall of Democrats facing a voter backlash over the economy and a notable uptick in the government’s would-be role in people’s lives.

Obama’s 2008 victory in Old Dominion had marked an historic breakthrough for Democrats who hadn’t won Virginia’s electoral votes since 1964. The fight in the Garden State was more grueling than usually accompanies Democratic campaigns in the reliably blue state of New Jersey.

So the setbacks demonstrate the difficulty of presidential leadership following a campaign built on promises of unity followed by divisive policies and a relentless campaign approach toward big legislative issues like the stimulus and health care bills.”

And now for the really good news which had absolutely nothing to do with the elections.  Which, all things considered, weren’t that big a deal for me this year anyway.

It seems Downtown Schenectady is finally getting rid of a stain in its downtown area.  The Another World Bookstore will be closing it’s doors at its current location.

Also from the Daily Gazette

“The last holdout in the bitter two-year battle over Erie Boulevard has waved the white flag.

Rocco Palmer, owner of Another World, has agreed to accept a “fair deal” to relocate his adult business out of downtown.

“We’re willing to negotiate,” he said on Tuesday.”

Even if they move to another place in the city, it will most likely be one that’s not as conducive to all the other (AHEM) activities that went on there.

In fact the sidewalk in front might be a good place for a little “Street Fishing.”   😉

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Using A.I. for 100th Post

November 2, 2009

Image representing WordPress as depicted in Cr...
Image via CrunchBase

This is my one hundredth post. It’s a traditional place for a retrospective. I’d like to use it to commemorate all the people so far that I’m bringing along with me on my journey through the blog universe.

For example there’s the best blogging tool so far that I’ve found for promoting your blog called “Alpha Inventions.” It’s a bit clumsy at first but well worth the trouble.

A. I. is also a handy tool for discovering like-minded bloggers you might not have otherwise met.

Places like Conservatives Defending Liberty

Insight Analytical-Grrl

Gospel of Jesus Christ

Rights For Mothers

and an awesome music page about the most incredible rock band of all time (IMHO)


Now as far as fellow Word Press, Blogger, and Type Pad folk found the usual way,

there’s fellow NY Capital area blogger According to Kim, (whose command of the English language is far better than mine)

Plus a number of bloggers who know more about what’s going on in the world than ever lovin’ Fox News.

There’s News Max reporter Pam Geller’s blog,  Atlas Shrugs ,

a team blog that gives libtards a reality check about our enemies

called Bare Naked Islam, (It’s not Islamophobia, if they’re really trying to kill you!)

Hannity’s show prep blogs (At least it seems like they are) Gateway Pundit

and Pundit and Pundette and Christian Bloggers

Caffeinated Thoughts and Sword at the Ready,

these plus some local help from The Daily Gazette and Capital News Nine

have been my inspiration for these 100 posts and will certainly give me inspiration for a hundred more in the weeks to come.


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October 30, 2009

Logo of the NCC
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Once again our president is bringing Soviet and Red Chinese style politics into the USA.  So you better start using your freedom of speech while you still can!

All Obama had to do was get a group of so-called Christian Churches to endorse his policies.  Pretty soon we’ll have our own version of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM) church right here in America.

The TSPM is an arm of the Communist Party that Beijing can parade before the world to say there’s religious freedom in Red China.  In reality the TSPM is often used to to support persecution of real Christians.

The beginnings of that are now here in this country.  Soon the baby raptors that just hatched will start to turn deadly.

“The “interfaith coalition for media justice” is led by the United Church of Christ. Yes, that’s the same church of Obama’s race-baiting, Jew-bashing ex-pastor Jeremiah Wright. Other members include the Presbyterian News Service, the Evangelical Lutheran Church and the National Council of Churches. These religious liberals have partnered with the National Hispanic Media Coalition, which filed a petition in January demanding that the FCC collect data, seek public comment and “explore options” for combating “hate speech” from staunch critics of illegal immigration.”

-Hat tip “Sword at the Ready” and Town Hall.Com

It’s interesting that most of the churches who back Obama have a very liberal view of scripture.  They cherry pick what they want out of the bible and write the rest off as being added later by backward homophobic and misogynistic men.

Looks like we’d better say what we want to say now before the National Council of Churches closes down all the bible believing churches.

So here I go,

1)  The only intimate relationship God allows is between one man and one woman who’ve already promised to stay married for life.


2)  It’s bad enough that greedy corporations enslave undocumented workers and get away with what they do.  But what about when bomb toting jihadists cross into the US posing as Hispanic workers?

What then Mr. President?

You can apologize all you want to the Muslim world but they’ll be coming for you next.

-OK!  I’m ready!

Bring on the handcuffs!

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