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The 23rd-NY Congressional race may have been called too soon.  With 5,000 absentee ballot votes remaining Doug Hoffman trails by a little under 3,000 votes.  In an interview with Glenn Beck,

Hoffman was asked point blank . . .

“Are you officially ‘un-conceding’ at this moment?”

Yes. If I knew this information at the election night, I would not have conceded,” Hoffman said.

But wait!  It gets better!

(Also from CS9)

“In a recent letter to fellow conservatives, 23rd Congressional candidate Doug Hoffman suggests the election was rigged.

Hoffman picked up votes in Oswego as local Board of Elections recanvased their votes. And now he’s suggesting ACORN and other unions were involved in tampering with results on election night.”

He may have a point, ACORN’S been caught rigging elections before, something the local lame stream media should have remembered, but they’re making Hoffman out to be the bad guy for not letting go.

Meanwhile the former conservative party candidate is pulling out all the stops.  He’s launching a fund raiser so he can file an appeal.  Of course both mainline parties want nothing to do with this.  Which is all the more reason why Doug Hoffman should go down swinging, until every last vote is counted!

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October 30, 2009

Logo of the NCC
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Once again our president is bringing Soviet and Red Chinese style politics into the USA.  So you better start using your freedom of speech while you still can!

All Obama had to do was get a group of so-called Christian Churches to endorse his policies.  Pretty soon we’ll have our own version of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM) church right here in America.

The TSPM is an arm of the Communist Party that Beijing can parade before the world to say there’s religious freedom in Red China.  In reality the TSPM is often used to to support persecution of real Christians.

The beginnings of that are now here in this country.  Soon the baby raptors that just hatched will start to turn deadly.

“The “interfaith coalition for media justice” is led by the United Church of Christ. Yes, that’s the same church of Obama’s race-baiting, Jew-bashing ex-pastor Jeremiah Wright. Other members include the Presbyterian News Service, the Evangelical Lutheran Church and the National Council of Churches. These religious liberals have partnered with the National Hispanic Media Coalition, which filed a petition in January demanding that the FCC collect data, seek public comment and “explore options” for combating “hate speech” from staunch critics of illegal immigration.”

-Hat tip “Sword at the Ready” and Town Hall.Com

It’s interesting that most of the churches who back Obama have a very liberal view of scripture.  They cherry pick what they want out of the bible and write the rest off as being added later by backward homophobic and misogynistic men.

Looks like we’d better say what we want to say now before the National Council of Churches closes down all the bible believing churches.

So here I go,

1)  The only intimate relationship God allows is between one man and one woman who’ve already promised to stay married for life.


2)  It’s bad enough that greedy corporations enslave undocumented workers and get away with what they do.  But what about when bomb toting jihadists cross into the US posing as Hispanic workers?

What then Mr. President?

You can apologize all you want to the Muslim world but they’ll be coming for you next.

-OK!  I’m ready!

Bring on the handcuffs!

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Jesus Has Left the Building

October 17, 2009

A picture of Pisgah Baptist Church in Four Oak...
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There’s a famous passage from the book of Revelation. It’s chapter 3 verse 20.

20 Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.” ( Rev. 3:20 NKJV)

Most people think of this verse as a personal witnessing tool.  They imagine The Lord standing at the door of someone’s heart.  However that’s not what’s going on here.

The fact is the church the apostle John is writing to has pushed God right out the door.   Jesus has left the building!  And now He’s knocking on the door to get back in.

That’s pretty bad considering this church has a full fledged living apostle for an overseer.  Just imagine how many churches toss God out today.

What do you suppose are some easy things we can look for?  How can we tell if a church we know of, has kicked God out the door?  When do we know that Jesus has left the building!

Here are some obvious examples.

When you go into the recreation room and two of the popular games are a Ouija board and Tarot cards.  Chances are

Jesus has left the building.

If meditation classes and a new age book discussion club draw more attendees than a bible study chances are

Jesus has left the building.

And if the church (like the one in this video) invites a commie loving wingnut like Anita Dunn chances are

Jesus has left the building.

Hat Tip Gateway Pundit

Once again Glenn Beck has shown us another very questionable adviser to president Obama.

How ironic having a woman speak at a church about a murdering atheist thug like Mao.  Perhaps Ms. Dunn needs to check out a site like China Aide. A site that will tell her all she needs to know about the nation her hero Mao founded.

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September 30, 2009

Trinity Broadcasting Network
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If it weren’t for the fact that their were no 1-800 numbers on the bottom of the screen you might have thought you were watching the Trinity Broadcasting Network instead of the Fox News ChannelGlenn Beck sounded just like a TV evangelist last night.  He even had The Battle Hymn of The Republic playing in the background.

It was quite a sermon to say the least.  It seems the biggest problem we in America face is, not believing in God anymore.  We kicked Him out of our schools and out of the public square.

He’s right. I agree.  But like so many evangelists before him he knew the problem but failed to mention the solution.

OK, to be fair, all the false prophets who infest TBN claim they know the answer.  Send them all your money and THEY will solve all the world’s problems.  (With God’s help of course)  Meanwhile you will get a check in the mail for a gazillion dollars from God for helping them.  But I digress.

The answer is not with them.  But a couple folks on there might mention it. (I hope)  You may or may not hear it at your local super megaplex church.  That’s because the answer is simple.

It’s an insurgency.  If God can’t get in through the front door He can get it from the back.

The answer is you and me.  All of us who are people of faith.  The answer is “Be a witness.”

I’m a witness.

God is not dead.  This is what He did for me.

We are not God’s lawyer.  We don’t argue and bash people over the head with a bible and with Jack Chick tracts, thank you very much.

Be a witness, at work,at home,with family and even the public square.

Our kids can be a witness too.  They have no fear of rejection.  Kids tell their friends what they’re into.

One likes Pokemon, another likes baseball, another likes “High School Musical.”  And another even tells their friends about their great Sunday School.

Even if they go to a public school.  It’s an insurgency!  God came back into the schools through the back door.

One tells his friend who tells her friend who tells her mom who tells her friend . . .

The insurgency is now a quiet revolution.  Jack Chick tracts optional.

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Yellow Dog For Senate

September 25, 2009

ALBANY, NEW YORK - JANUARY 23:  U.S. Rep. Kirs...
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It didn’t take long for the opposition to fall apart. People are already getting super nit picky about who they want to run against Obama in 2012. Granted, part of it is just the natural vetting process, but I’m already seeing signs that people might just sit out 2012 like they did in 2008.

No! No! No!

To make matters worse, there’s Glenn Beck and Company getting ready to form their own alternative party.  They claim  Republicans are just as bad as the democrats.

No! No! No!

We’ve been down this road before.  Remember, those who forget their history are condemned to repeat it.

In 1992 Ross Perot’s strong third party showing stole votes from President George Bush Sr. That gave us eight years of Bill Clinton, the man who let OBL slip through his hands because he was too distracted by scandals in his personal life.

We need to resolve here and now to stand behind whoever the GOP nominee is.  The stakes are way too high this time to look for the perfect candidate.

That goes double for next year’s mid term election.  As much as we dislike people we refer to as “RINO‘s”, this time they might have just enough Republican left in them to turn the tide.  And that’s what we so desperately need right now.

Yes I know how people here in New York, are grumbling about names like George Pataki and Rudy as being has beens.  I agree.

It would be nice to see some new faces too.  But going against what we’ve got now,

Ms. “I love ACORN,” Kirsten Gillibrand,

I’ll gladly vote for a yellow dog over her ,

any day!

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Payback Time!

September 17, 2009

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It’s something everyone’s been feeling for a long time now. Glenn Beck put it into words on his TV show last night. The mainstream media is no longer “Mainstream,” they’re on the fringe.

CBS, ABC, NBC,PBS,NPR,CNN, MSNBC, and The New York Times have all been in the pocket of mainline democrats for the longest time.  Their ratings have sunk through the floor as Americans look to Fox and the internet for their news.

After a while this got me thinking.  It’s not just the democrats, more specifically it’s the Pelosi/Reid wing of the democratic party that’s in with the media.  They’re the one’s who got Obama elected and they’re  the one’s trying to get his agenda slammed down everyone’s throats.

If you think about it, how else could a community organizer Chicago politics thug with little experience on the national scene successfully take on the Clinton star maker machine and win the nomination unless they had the media fully behind them.

And then it wasn’t enough to defeat McCain and Palin.  They had to run Palin out of office as well.  But even that hasn’t stopped the governor.  The more they try to keep her quiet the louder she becomes.

Now it’s all coming back to haunt them.  When they tried to make town hall protesters and tea party goers look like thugs it backfired.  The people saw right through the lies.  They ignored the “Fringe” press and turned to bloggers like “Gateway Pundit” instead.

Our day of reckoning is here.  Boycott the fringe media and don’t let up on your congressmen and senators.  Let them know where you stand.

It’s payback time folks!

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Worse than Kiddie Porn

September 11, 2009

Forget about the dirt bags over in Eastern Europe and Russia who found a way around existing child pornography laws. Those “Newstar” sites claim they promote the models of the future and are not pornography, this is worse.

Glenn Beck and the people over at “Big Government Dot Com discovered something far more evil  here in the USA.


It may be “Gotcha” journalism.  But it proves how President Obama’s pet group ACORN is filled with sleezeballs willing to do anything to commit fraud in the name of community action.  These people have a twisted sense of morality and justice that’s for sure!

And remember ACORN gets millions and millions of stimulus money.  It’s our tax dollars at work!

Heaven help us.

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